Why VitaFountain?

Simply because we’ve done all the research and work for you.

The questions we hear most when someone has been recommended a vitamin or supplement is “Which one do I buy?” “Which one is the best?”  There are so many different products on the market it gets very confusing.  With so many brands with unbelievable ads and claims who’s to know if the product you’re buying is even real?

  • Here at VitaFountain, we pride ourselves in offering the very best handpicked vitamins, supplements, extracts and health products available along with flexible health coaching programs and excellent customer service all wrapped into one.
  • Years of reading clinical studies, professional research papers and studying product reviews have gone into the selection of our products to make sure they have a track record of working like they should.  The results of our studies has led us to carefully choose only the highest quality products with the best delivery system so the product you select will actually assimilate in your system in the shortest amount of time possible; some products actually work within minutes.
  • Ingredient labels have also been reviewed to make sure we obtain the “cleanest” product possible; and although perfection is impossible, rest assured these products have the least amount of fillers and unnecessary coloring or sweetening ingredients we could find.

Buy with confidence knowing that VitaFountain has sifted through the myriad of vitamins and supplements and done the hard work for you!

We’re dedicated to helping you get healthy!