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Plant-based protein you can drink!

Nutiva’s Hemp Protein 15G is a superb source of raw organic protein.  Not only does it provide 30% daily value (DV) per serving, it gives you the added benefit of 32% DV of fiber, as well as magnesium, iron, zinc, chlorophyll, antioxidants and more, without any saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium or sugar. Now that’s a real superfood!

Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder is perfect for nutrient-rich shakes and smoothies.  The plant-based protein in hemp seed is very digestible, making it a great choice for sensitive diets.  The hemp seed used in this product comes from certified organic and non-GMO hemp grown on Canadian farms.  This densely nutritious food is an excellent plant-based protein, great to add to any diet!

The benefits and power of Hemp Protein Powder:

  • Increases protein intake
  • Improves heart health
  • Decreases osteoporosis risk
  • Cleanses the colon
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Boosts the immune system

Nutiva Protein Powder Features:

  • 100% Vegan and kosher
  • Certified organic and non-GMO
  • Made from raw hemp seed
  • Gently cold-processed
  • Unrefined – Never hexane-processed
  • Completely chemical free

Tony O’s take on Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder;

If you’re looking for a vegan alternative to whey and other protein supplements, look no further because hemp is the boss.  I love Nutiva because it’s such a high quality product.  If you’re working out or lifting weights and need that extra protein source, Nutiva is the high-quality superfood you need.  It’s easy to digest, plus it gives you branched-chain amino acids that are vital for good health and muscle building.  Aside from giving your muscles the protein they need to rebuild, your body uses protein to help you lose weight by helping your body increase your metabolic furnace so you digest faster and more efficiently.


Rich in protein, omega-fatty acids and fiber, hemp has a nutty-tasting seed with a wide variety of uses.  Milled from these seeds, Hemp Protein powder provides a solid nutritional boost similar to flaxseed.  Hemp contains heart-healthy unsaturated fats and fiber, which are beneficial for disease prevention and bowel regulation.  The protein in hemp is mainly from edestin and albumin, two proteins that are easily digestible and rich in amino acids essential for growth.

Suggested Dose and Uses

Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder makes nutrient-rich shakes and smoothies.  You can use hemp protein just like you use any other protein powder.  Add 2-4 Tbsp of Nutiva powder to 8 oz of milk (almond milk or coconut milk is ideal), a smoothie or shake for breakfast or a pre or post-workout protein boost.

You can also try adding hemp protein powder to hot cereal, yogurt, pancakes, granola bars, protein bars, muffins, brownies, cakes and breads.  You can use hemp protein to replace up to 25 percent of the flour in baked goods, which adds protein, fiber, healthy fats and lots of nutrients to your finished product.

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  1. NaturalAperature

    One of the best tasting protein I’ve ever tasted and I’ve tasted many!

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