Green Vibrance Powdered Superfood


Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance Plant-Based Daily Superfood

Includes 25 Billion Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Supports the 4 Foundations of Superior Health:

  • Nutrition
  • Circulation
  • Digestion
  • Immunity

Green Vibrance has formulated an award winning Green Super food in this powdered Green Vibrance daily powerhouse drink!  Human vitality can be described as the combined vitality (what we call vibrance) of each cell in the body.  The ingredients included in Green Vibrance provide trace nutrients that help each and every cell function at peak efficiency.  When we push each cell toward peak efficiency through diet and optimal supplementation, the results are increased energy and endurance, greater clarity of thought, more robust immunity, a stronger sense of well being, and a noticeably positive shift in all bodily functions toward the fully vibrant ideal you.  Green Vibrance taken daily empowers us to drive toward these goals by addressing some very basic and essential biological requirements.

A high quality nutritional formula, Vibrant Health is wholly committed to delivering true quality and value and they’ve proven it with Green Vibrance Powdered Green Drink.  The ingredients in Green Vibrance were selected to support essential bodily functions.  Their formula is attentive to including exactly what’s needed to provide your body with the necessary nutrients to help heal and strengthen itself.

  • Supports your digestive system
  • Supports your circulatory system
  • Boosts your immunity levels
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Helps balance your natural pH levels
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification process
  • Provides whole body nutrition

Upon examining the ingredient list you’ll see it’s quite a gathering of goodness with 74 ingredients in all.  They were put together with care in order to maximize the synergy among the wide variety of nutrients.  The result; Green Vibrance successfully delivers healthful nutritional support to eleven (11) body systems.    To top it all off, Green Vibrance includes ingredients that are certified organic.  So if you’re looking for more energy, need whole body detoxification, need to decrease you stress levels, and have a strong desire to generally feel better as a whole, Green Vibrance is for you.

Tony O’s take on Green Vibrance Green Drink Powder:

This is my go-to when it comes to green drinks.  I mix this straight up with water to aid and maximize my personal weight loss efforts.  Because of the positive measured results I get from using it personally, I also recommend Green Vibrance to my family, friends and clients to get the nutritional support they need while working on losing weight.  It helps increase energy which is paramount when you’re trying to lose weight because you’re eating less and less food means less energy.  So this is a great way to support your weight loss efforts.  It’s also a great addition to support a daily regimen of vitamins because it’ll help fill the gaps with trace minerals and off the charts nutrients you’re probably not getting from your average daily round-up of nutrients and supplements.

Green Vibrance also helps a myriad of body and health issues, some of which you may not even realize you have until you start supplementing with Green Vibrance and start feeling better as your symptoms start disappearing.  You’ll have more energy, stamina and focus all the while also pumping up your cellular function and increasing your immunity threshold.  It helps relieve stress so your days go a bit easier.  And it’s even got probiotics to improve a sluggish digestive system.  This is great stuff!  I use it myself and for my family and I recommend it for all ages, the elderly and even children.  After all, who eats ALL of their vegetables right?


ULTIMATE GREEN SUPER-FOOD:  Contains over 70 ingredients, 25 billion probiotics, enzymes, fruits & vegetables, liver support, vitamins, trace minerals, skeletal support, and adaptogens.  It is the green food that started the category in 1992.  Many competitors have formulated powdered green supplements, but many fail to include the variety of choice organic ingredients Vibrant Health has included.  The variety and synergy of these ingredients is the secret that makes Green Vibrance the ultimate green powdered super food.

THE MISSING LINK:  Modern foods provide fewer micronutrients, and we’re often living much more sedentary lives than our Paleolithic ancestors.  Green Vibrance helps fill in gaps in our nutrition and health due to our modern stressful lives, general pollution around our daily surroundings and nutrient deficient food system and supply.  The trace minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients from the fruits and vegetables round off any general supplementation regimen you may have.

ACHIEVE PEAK HEALTH:  Green Vibrance addresses the four foundations of health; Digestion, Immunity, Nutrition, and Circulation.  Find your healthy balance through this comprehensive formula.  Leave behind the myriad of ailments, aches and pains.  Relieve your stress and get happy and healthy.  Feed your body the nutrients it needs and feel the vibrance!

EASY NUTRITION:  For most of us it’s a challenge to integrate the nutrition we need to be our best from one busy day to the next.  Green Vibrance is a quick easy one-stop solution.  Simply add a scoop into a glass of water, stir and drink.  You can also add it into your morning or afternoon smoothie.  It’s a simple way to get your greens to go.

DIRECTIONS:  Just one scoop (provided) for each 8-12 oz drink is all you need to make your superfood smoothie.  Put into water, coconut water, some teas or juices (some flavor blending experimentation will be needed here; different blends, different flavors; yum!).  Enjoy!!

Additional information

Size Options:

6.26oz (15 servings), 12.05oz (30 servings), 25.04oz (60 servings), 35.27oz (82 servings)


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