Glass Eye Wash Cup


Glass Eye Wash Cup w/Smooth Beveled Edge; Break Resistant Too!

You need your own Glass Eye Wash Cup more than you think!

We probably all know how annoying and irritating eye discomfort can be, but many of us neglect to give our eyes the right care and attention.  Every day you’re faced with a multitude of nasty irritants that your eyes are exposed to such as dust, grit and chemical pollutants.  Riding your bicycle, running your daily circuit, or just driving over to the local supermarket just about anything that can end up in your eyes, does.  And when you feel your eyes are irritated, your initial impulse is to rub it, hoping the initial pain or irritation will go away; “wow maybe I can rub the dirt right outta my eyes!”  However, most of the time that doesn’t work so well and rubbing can cause physical damage, as it could simply further rub in the irritant and scratch your eye.  One easy solution that can help eye discomfort, is to give yourself a cool refreshing eye wash with a good quality glass eye wash cup and sterile eyewash solution.  Quality solutions are easy to find at most supermarket and health stores.  A quality solution is highly effective at flushing irritants from your eyes leaving them clean and refreshed.  Since eye washing is 100% safe, you can cleanse, sooth and refresh your tired, irritated eyes as often as you like without any side effects.

Most of us don’t think about it, but a glass eye wash cup should be part of everybody’s first-aid kit and medicine cabinet.  The reason glass is the best is it doesn’t attract any chemicals or retain any chemical leachers keeping your eye wash experience as sterile and sanitary as possible.  A good eye wash helps to rinse the eye and remove dirt, loose eyelashes or other small particles from your eyes.  It dilutes and flushes out contaminating or irritating substances effectively.  When done correctly with quality eyewash solutions, occasional eye washes can also prevent sties from popping up!  A good wash soothes tired irritated eyes and offers more comfort throughout your day.  As important as our eyes are, we often neglect them and their health.  Your eyes are your windows to your world!  Start working on your ocular health today!

This is the eye wash cup we all should have!

  • New & Improved Beveled Design
  • Clear break resistant glass eye wash cup – one size fits all
  • Use to dilute chemical irritants or to refresh red, tired eyes
  • Dimensions and other details listed in product description
  • A must for every medicine cabinet and first aid kit

Tony O’s viewpoint on this Glass Eyewash Cup:

I have one and I use it frequently.  And it’s break resistant!  Awesome!!  I’m an avid bicycle rider and I get stuff in my eyes all the time.  I guess I should use goggles but I don’t, so I’m constantly rinsing my eyes and rely on my glass eye wash cup to be clean and sterile and because it’s glass there’s no chance of any left over contaminants from previous washes.  My eyes feel really nice after those rinses.  No irritating particles, no scratchy eyes just a clean soothing feeling I’d soon miss if I stopped.  If you care about your ocular health and are looking for a way to treat your eyes right, a break resistant glass eye wash cup will serve you well for a long time.


Sounds silly but most of us don’t do this regularly right?

Here’s a helpful quick & easy walk-through;

  • Fill your glass eye wash cup with appropriate eyewash solution
  • Lean over the cup while bringing it up towards your eye
  • Place the cup firmly against the area surrounding your eye while leaving both eyes open
  • Tilt your head up and slightly backward to allow solution to wash over the eye while maintaining gentle even pressure so there’s no leakage.  Allow several seconds for cleansing action.
  • Bend forward to remove the eye wash cup from your eye to prevent spillage
  • Repeat with clean and fresh solution as needed with rinses in between
  • To clean cup, run through the dishwasher or wash with hot soapy water.  Rinse thoroughly.

Glass Cup Details:

*Oval shape. *Approximately 1.25 inches from base to lip. *Approximately 1.75 inches across the widest part of the oval top opening. *Just over 1 inch across the narrowest part of the top opening. *The glass is rounded on the top.


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