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Doctor’s Best Cinnamon Cinnulin PF* Extract

Keep your blood sugar levels in check!

Cinnamon, one of the world’s favorite spices, is a medicinal herb with more than 4,000 years of traditional use.  Research has revealed that constituents in cinnamon bark called procyanidin double-linked Type-A polymers help maintain the body’s ability to metabolize glucose in a healthy way.  Doctor’s Best Cinnamon Cinnulin PF Extract is a water-soluble extract of Cinnamon that contains Type-A polymers that is also easy to digest.  According to a review published in the “Journal of Diabetes, Science and Technology”, cinnamon has compounds that may help prevent or treat Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.  In another study published in the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition” men and women who have metabolic syndrome (a term used to describe people who have a high risk of developing conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke) are less likely to develop chronic medical problems with daily supplementation of Cinnulin PF cinnamon extract.

  • Doctor’s Best Cinnamon Cinnulin-PF extract is the only standardized cinnamon extract with the “pure healing” compound
  • It’s water soluble so it’s easy for your body to assimilate
  • Easy to take; only one gelcap daily before or during a meal
  • Use as part of your diet to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level*
  • Contributes to a healthy heart and circulatory system
  • Avoids the potential dangers of long-term usage or high volume consumption of “regular” cinnamon
  • Non-GMO/ Gluten Free/ Vegan

Tony O’s Insight on Doctor’s Best Cinnamon Cinnulin PF:

This is a big one.  Most of us like cinnamon and probably use it too much.  It’s nice to know the details behind cinnamon so it doesn’t cause you any undue grief.  But used properly it can be a powerful adversary against high blood sugar levels.  It’s also nice to know you can take one of these before or after a meal to help ease digestion and minimize bloating or heavy gas.


Some interesting Cinnamon facts;

While you may have heard of only a few different types of cinnamon, there are actually hundreds of different cinnamon types, but only four specific species are used for culinary and healing purposes.  Cassia is the most common in North America, although Indonesia is the chief supplier of Cassia.  Ceylon is also very common in the US coming in second place for commonality.  Fact is you’ve probably used one or both with your morning breakfast or evening dessert without even knowing which one you’ve used.  You may say “cinnamon is cinnamon” but trust that they each have different fragrances, tastes and health benefits.

All that being said, one type of cinnamon supplement stands out among the rest for its easy digestibility and high level of beneficial results; Doctor’s Best Cinnamon Cinnulin PF extract.  This powerful extract is standardized from the single most important active component in cinnamon; the double-linked Type-A Polymers.  The procyanidin double-linked Type-A polymers in the cinnamon bark have been shown to offer great benefits for those suffering from heart disease, high blood sugar levels and diabetes.  Cinnulin PF has also been shown to support body composition, blood pressure, and provide antioxidant functions.  It can reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  There is also clinical data that supports the usage and efficacy of Cinnulin PF for reducing systolic blood pressure, reducing fasting blood glucose, and improving body composition in men and women with metabolic syndrome.

Important Facts:

Cinnamon used daily in large quantities is not recommended due to the potentially toxic substance Coumarin naturally present in whole cinnamon.  Coumarin in small doses has positive attributes such as blood-thinning, anti-fungicidal and anti-tumor activities.  In high doses can cause liver trouble or complete liver failure.  Although mostly reversible, nobody needs the discomfort associated with liver troubles.  People who enjoy cinnamon daily for foods or supplementation should use it from time to time instead of daily.  If you must use it daily use it in small amounts.

*Cinnamon is very effective at blood thinning, so if you’re on prescription blood thinners it’s highly recommended to keep your culinary usage to a minimum and be sure to talk to your physician before you start using any cinnamon supplements.

Doctor’s Best Cinnamon Cinnulin PF Extract is as good as it gets when supplementing with cinnamon to avoid toxicity and potential complications from overuse of non standardized or common cinnamon supplements.

*Cinnulin PF is a proprietary product of Integrity Nutraceuticals International


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