Asthma Care Liquid Extract


Suffer from Asthma?  Upper respiratory congestion?

Asthma Care Liquid Extract makes it easy to treat your asthma, help you breathe easier and support your health and well being naturally without chemicals.

Did you know that asthma is one of the most common health complications worldwide?  Left alone and untreated, asthma can be the start of many other illnesses.  In the United States alone, asthma affects over twenty-five million people, with numbers larger than that worldwide.  The medical definition of asthma is simple, but the condition itself is quite complex.   Doctors define asthma as a chronic respiratory inflammatory disease of the lungs that constricts your airways leading to shortness of breath; and that’s just the beginning.  The complications of asthma can make it consistently more difficult to breathe as you get older and lead to a host of other complications down the road.  Asthma affects people of all ages with symptoms like recurring periods of wheezing, tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, and cough that often occurs at night or early in the morning.  Doesn’t a great night’s sleep and restful morning wake up sound wonderful?  Get Asthma Care today and wake up feeling happy and refreshed!

Tony O’s take on Asthma Care Extract:

Suffering from asthma is no fun and causes stress in other areas of your life due to it’s restriction on getting enough fresh oxygen for strenuous activities.  I recommend using Hawaii Pharm’s Asthma Care because liquid extract delivery will allow the powerful ingredients to do their job quickly and efficiently and when an asthma attack hits that’s exactly what you need….something that will help you breathe fast!  Over time it may help you heal, decreasing episodes of inflammation and restriction within your airways, allowing for clear easy breathing through natural means.


By blending some of nature’s powerhouse ingredients, Licorice, Ginseng and Ginger, Asthma Care is specially formulated to help optimize oxygen volume and synthesis in your lungs and decrease inflammation throughout the body.  This powerful formula promotes cellular activity that narrows the inflamed pathways in your lungs and helps you breathe easier without artificial or synthetic chemicals.

Licorice – aside from being a nice favorite to nosh on, licorice is a powerful anti inflammatory that helps decrease inflammation and helps kill infections caused by everyday bacteria or viruses, some of which will cause breathing restrictions

Ginseng – as the mighty adaptogen, ginseng reduces stress, promotes relaxation and helps the body process oxygen more efficiently.  It’s healing and adaptogenic properties help the body create it’s own natural balance allowing the body to actually heal

Ginger – boosts your immune system, breaks down the accumulation of toxins in your organs, cleanses your lymphatic system and protects your respiratory system.  It decreases acidic buildup within the body allowing for more relaxation and a more efficient digestive process.  And whats more…as another powerful anti inflammatory, ginger allows the body to relax offering easier breathing and less restriction within your airways.

**Here’s a helpful tip to ease bronchial stress** – Combining ginger oil and eucalyptus oil used in aromatherapy is an effective remedy to boost immunity and improve breathing.

While the above three ingredients have many additional health benefits, their common ground is protective properties for decreasing inflammation within the body and protecting your respiratory system, all of which are key factors in reducing those horrible asthma attacks.

  • Pure and natural Ginger Root, Ginseng Root and Licorice are specially formulated to help manage Asthma and boost your well being naturally
  • High Strength, High Quality, Super Concentrated Asthma Care Organic Liquid Extract!
  • Hawaii Pharm’s Asthma Care extract is produced adhering to strict standards.  A cold maceration extraction method is used so the active constituents of the herb remain intact as nature intended.  This method of extraction maintains the herbs distinct and unique characteristics giving you only natural goodness so your body enjoys superior, easily digestible supplementation.
  • We strictly use only organic or ethically sourced wild harvested raw material, vegetable palm glycerin and pharmaceutical grade alcohol!
  • Truly the BEST Asthma Care Herbal Liquid Extract extract on market!
  • Made with love for plants and respect for Mother Nature


Easy to take; as a daily supplement just 1 full dropper w/water, tea or juice up to 4x p/day, preferably a nice hot tea for maximum benefits.  Take for 60-90 days then stop for 30 days before restarting new cycle.

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Asthma Care Liquid Extract - Organic

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