Essential Oil Roller Ball Set


Art Naturals Rollerball Signature Collection is your aromatherapy shop in a box!

Art Naturals’ Oils Rollerball Signature Collection is the simple, convenient answer to applying healthful, natural essential oils on-the-go!  Each of the eight .33-oz. roller-balls contains a wonderful blend of Art Naturals’ pure Essential Oils combined with our Jojoba Oil, packaged in a way that makes application fast and easy.  The roller-balls are ideal for tucking into a purse, backpack, briefcase…anywhere you’d like to take one or more of them along for application during the day or night.  The Signature Collection makes a terrific gift as well!

  • The Signature Collection contains eight aromatherapy roller-balls, containing unique Art Naturals’ blends of essential oils
  • Easy-to-apply roller-balls make it ultra-convenient to take along for use throughout the day or night
  • Signature Rollers Serene, Chi, Relief, Cleanse, Zen, Om, Solace, and Bliss each offer gentle, healthful aromatherapy benefits
  • Essential oil blends are already combined with Art Naturals’ own Jojoba Oil—no mixing needed

8 Benefits of Essential Oils

  • Essential oils shield and protect us and give us emotional support
  • They enhance our well being, and should be used during stressful days to calm anxieties
  • They are relaxing and great to use before going to bed
  • Some essential oils are soothing and cooling, refreshing the odor of the mouth
  • They rejuvenate the skin, giving us younger looking skin
  • Essential oils can increase your mental focus and promote wellness
  • Dental products with essential oils are superior for oral health
  • Essential oils are a safer alternative to chemical toxic household cleaners

Tony O and his thoughts on essential oils:

I love experimenting with essential oils.  They help us in so many ways it’s hard to list.  What I can say is that whenever you have an overwhelming feeling of emotions, whether anxiety or depression driven, anger or aggression, hyper sensitivity or just plain tired, essential oil blends used in aromatherapy, roll-ons that are easily applied, or simply pour and rub applications will help you.  Using the proper oil or blend of oils prepared for a specific challenge will heal or soothe the worst of symptoms, which is why I like and recommend Art Natural Roll-ons.  They have some sweet blends that help me manage my daily emotions, they’re easy to carry and apply, and their specific blends help me protect and treat whatever ails me.


Nature is full of plants with tremendous benefits when used properly in the form of essential oils!

Essential oils are plants that have had their goodness extracted through complex scientific processes yielding highly concentrated “oils” and “extracts” to use for a multitude of purposes.  This exact science of extraction maintains the full DNA profile of the plant as nature designed it, and assures that we get the same powerful components exactly as nature intended us to have them.  These purified natural oils are commonly used for therapeutic healing and many common ailments, making facial/ body creams, lotions, cosmetics and oral care products.  They’re often the base for household cleaners and many other commonly used products.

Essential oils used properly have a tremendous healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally and should be used wherever possible in place of synthetic alternatives.  You can apply them directly onto your skin, inhale their essence, or use them for aromatherapy through a diffuser.  Any of these methods will help a multitude of symptoms and ailments and can be used by most everyone.

Here are the wonderful blends in your Art Naturals Signature Set:

Signature Serene blends sweet orange, camphor, cananga, and lavender oils to help calm nervousness, anxiety and tension

Signature Chi blends eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, lemon, Siberian fir tree, cardamom, and European bay laurel leaf oils to fight allergies, fatigue and the urge to over eat

Signature Relief blends lavender, peppermint, wintergreen, frankincense, marjoram, and Spanish rosemary oils to relieve pain, anxiety and nervousness

Signature Cleanse blends cedarwood, grapefruit, Spanish sage and cypress oils to improve focus, digestion and help clear sinuses

Signature Zen blends lavender, rosemary, and sweet orange oils to de-crease stress and tension and help relieve headaches

Signature Om blends basil, lavender, kaffir lime, cardomom, and holy basil oils to reduce nervousness, nausea and depression

Signature Solace blends pink grapefruit, lemon, cassia, ginger and peppermint oils to ease anxiety, nausea and the effects of over-eating

Signature Bliss blends clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary oils to boost concentration and alertness and lift mood


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