Aquasana 18oz Glass Bottles


Aquasana 18oz Break Resistant Glass Bottles

Aquasana’s beautiful and sturdy break resistant glass bottles are a great addition to your quest for ultimate health!  Plastic, metal or aluminum (bottles, cans and containers) can leach flavors and harmful chemicals into the foods and liquids contained inside.  Those nasty chemicals and tastes eventually end up in our bodies.  This and several other nasty facts is the reason that glass is an increasingly popular alternative to plastic and aluminum or stainless steel sport-style bottles and containers.

Let’s focus on drinkables for a moment.  Using Aquasana glass bottles and containers keeps your filtered water, homemade green drink or favorite juice fresh and pure, without leaching chemicals or nasty tastes to pollute your goodness.  It stays fresh longer in glass and can be refrigerated without fear of leaching from excess cold.  The tops are leak proof BPA free plastic that are easy to clean.  They have a tight seal and won’t spill even under the shakiest of rides and regardless of position.  The mouth is large enough to put in basic ice cubes and Aquasana’s bottles are great for people with lifestyles on-the-go!  Protecting your health, the health of others and ultimately your environment makes switching to glass bottles a truly smart eco-friendly healthy alternative!

Bottle your own drinks and stay healthy!

  • Glass bottles keep filtered water fresh and pure without the risk of chemicals contaminating the water
  • Glass bottles are much easier to clean and will retain their clarity after hundreds of washings
  • Dishwasher-safe reusable glass with BPA free tight seal plastic tops that WILL NOT LEAK!
  • Strong glass that resists breakage
  • Mouth of the bottle is wide and smooth making it easy to drink from
  • Normal size ice cubes will fit right inside the wide mouth easily
  • Even days or weeks after filling up a glass bottle and putting it in your refrigerator, you can enjoy the clean, crisp taste of filtered water with no worries about BPA’s or other chemicals leaching
  • Your glass water bottles will remain crystal clear when you make your morning juice or infuse your filtered water with lemons, oranges, limes, and other fruits that cause plastic bottles to become discolored and degrade in a short period of time

Tony O’s take on Aquasana’s Glass Bottles:

I make and bottle my own homemade creations pretty much every day and Aquasana’s bottles are the choice for me.  With all the water I personally filter and bottle myself I save big dollars and drink the freshest, toxin free water I can be drinking everyday.  I don’t rely on buying store bought water especially because they’re all in plastic bottles and who knows how long they’ve been there?  The longer they’ve been there the more chemical leaching has been going on.  And on top of that, the pH levels of store bought water would surprise you.  Your body’s natural pH level is between 7.2 to 7.4 and many store bought waters are less than 6 pH with some dropping into the 3 pH range.  All that’s gonna do for you is give you an acidic stomach which will be quite unpleasant.  I’m sure many of you have experienced this feeling after drinking some crappy store bought water.  Sorry not for me.

My smoothies are always put into Aquasana bottles every morning as well as my teas and special drinks.  The drinks always taste awesome and fresh and quite frankly, that wonderfully clean taste motivates me to always put my drinkables into glass.  Aquasana’s bottles are break resistant too which helps because smooth glass has a tendency to slip out of your hand when condensation is created outside the bottle and the stronger glass gives it a better chance of surviving a fall.  I recommend buying the colored sleeves to prevent slippage.  The sleeves also give your bottle a hand shield (so your hand doesn’t freeze or burn with beverage temperatures) while also giving it a nice look and personality.  The sleeves also insulate the contents so whatever’s inside stays hot or cold longer.  I love these bottles, use them everyday and recommend everyone consider using glass bottles for their drinkables.  You won’t regret it!


Keep your filtered water fresh and pure!

Keep your homemade juice or tea tasting wonderfully vibrant and natural!

Glass Beats PlasticThe very best way to keep your favorite drink pure and fresh is to bottle your own in glass containers.  Water stored in a glass bottle will retain its freshness and purity.  Plastics bottles are more susceptible to leach harmful byproducts such as BPA and phthalate into the water.  This affects the taste and purity of the water consumed.  Glass bottles are reusable and can be recycled.  Thus saving the environment in the long run.  Better taste, better quality; a great way to entice yourself to drink more water and healthy home made juices and drinks!

**Will not leach BPA or other plastic chemicals into your water
**High quality, lab-tested glass keeps filtered water crisp and fresh
**Filter at home and bottle your own to reduce disposable plastic bottle waste

6 – 18oz High Quality Lab Tested Break Resistant Glass Bottles

6 – BPA Free Tight Seal Leak Proof Tops

Eco friendly, simplistic & fashionable.  Made of ultra clear BPA Free glass, perfectly designed for your everyday use.  Easy Carry, Leak Proof, No Spill, No Sweat. Perfect alternative to plastic bottles.

Easy to clean and wash.  Dishwasher Safe.


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