Having trouble with dry, brittle or over-treated hair?

Too much product making your hair dull and unmanageable?

MiracOILicious is truly the next generation in intensive exotic hair care treatments!

It's time to take your hair care seriously and nourish it with the best exotic hair oils and revitalizers nature has to offer!  MiracOILicious is your go-to for the best conditioning on the planet!  In today's day and age of powerful hair dryers and love-your-hair, make it the way I want it products, your hair needs TLC a lot more often than you'd care to admit and with MiracOILicious' exotic blend of pure essential oils and natural plant extracts, this super-rich formula helps infuse protein and essential oils back into weakened hair to leave it feeling stronger and looking healthier and shinier than you ever thought possible!

Go on... show your hair you really care...

MiracOILicious is an exotic mix of 14 of the world's finest essential oils and plant extracts;

  • Moroccan Argan Oil, Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa
  • Bergamot, Cedarwood, Sage
  • Sandlewood, Spearmint, Castor Seed
  • Orange, Patchouli, Clove
  • Artemisia Pallens Flower & White Birch
  • No Parabens
Tony O's take on MiracOILicious Intensive Hair Treatment: MiracOILicious is the sweetest smelling, exotic feeling, intensive hair conditioning treatment I've ever used!  The exotic mix of essential oils and plant extracts makes this a fabulous natural product that won't damage your hair.  From the minute you put some in your hands and start massaging it into your hair it just feels like you're massaging your hair with silk.  It leaves you feeling completely rejuvenated after your shower from all the sweet tropical and exotic refreshing smells and your hair feels unbelievably smooth and silky with that sweet exotic tropical smell lingering in your hair for hours....great stuff! I recommend this for anybody that uses a lot of product often, constant or regular blow drying, or if you're simply experiencing dry, brittle or coarse hair conditions.  I personally have naturally coarse hair and after using MiracOILicious it feels really smooth and that coarse feeling has gone away.  My hair is soft, shiny and manageable, which for me, manageability is always questionable; feels like my hair has a life of it's own most of the time.  MiracOILicious is also great if you just want to condition your hair for any occasion or alternate with your regular conditioner....that is unless this becomes the only conditioning treatment you'll ever want to use.