• Amla Liquid Extract delivers super high quality Vitamin C!

    Amla (Indian Gooseberry) provides a powerhouse of health benefits owing to the wide array of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients present in it but more importantly it's Vitamin C content.  The amazing health benefits of Amla can be attributed to the super high amounts of Vitamin C present in it.  According to ancient Ayurveda, the daily use of Amla promoted longevity and could help us live for more than 100 years!  Amla is also considered as one of the most popular herbs for improving our overall health and well-being.  It's was commonly prescribed for daily use to ease digestive issues, enhance concentration and alleviate respiratory problems.  It helps the younger set with skin complications, acne and blemishes.  It helps in weight loss efforts and strengthens the mind and body to better handle daily challenges.  The super high vitamin C content helps build collagen that keeps lips plump and skin supple and soft.  It also helps support collagen development for strong cartilage and bones.

    Check out this awesome list of Amla's great health benefits;

    • Rich super-source of vitamin C
    • Supports bone health
    • Regulates stress
    • Helps respiratory disorders
    • Supports optimal mental health and anti-aging activity
    • Aids in weight loss and lowers fat cell content
    • Natural remedy against infections and diseases with it's antioxidant-rich, antiviral, antibacterial nature
    • Purifies the blood and improves cardiovascular health
    • Fights major diseases like anemia, diabetes, intestinal and digestive issues
    • Fights cancer and degenerative diseases
    • Dissolves kidney stones and is a remedy for hyper-acidity & ulcers
    • Reduces skin irritations, pimples, acne and blemishes
    • Natural skin cleanser; brightens skin tone, restores skin firmness, restricts free-radical skin damage
    • Prevents hair fallout and premature graying, promotes hair growth and treats scalp conditions
    • Strengthens body & mind, strengthens teeth & nails and improves vision

    Tony O's personal experiences with Hawaii Pharm's Amla Extract:

    Amla has been in my healing cabinet for years.  I love mixing it into my smoothies and teas knowing I can get super high quality vitamin C every day in addition to my daily blend of goodness.  I recall an interesting time when I went for some blood tests and upon the doctor's return to review his findings, he commented on how "clean" my blood was.  When I asked him what he meant, he went on to explain how the lymph nodes filter blood of toxins and such, and while most healthy people show clean blood, apparently mine was super filtered and devoid of excess toxins and waste.  This is the best way I can explain the conversation (although an astute health coach with much nutritional experience, doctor jargon still confuses me somewhat).  All I know for sure is Amla is a blood purifier and it's working it's magic in me.  In addition it has so many other major benefits I'd really feel like I'm missing something if I don't include it in my daily regimen of goodness.  I highly recommend it for everybody because getting the right amount of "real" vitamin C is not easy.  I especially recommend it to my older clients for collagen development that will lead to plumper lips and nicer more "elastic" skin.  I also recommend it for parents who feel their children don't eat right and don't get enough vitamin C in their diets.  Overall, Hawaii Pharm's Amla Extract is one of the best, most used and highly recommended extracts I know.  In conclusion, because of it's vast array of benefits, I believe everybody of all ages can realize positive results for many ailments taking Amla daily.

  • The best Aloe Vera on the planet!  Not Sticky.  Not oily.  Made with all natural ingredients!

    Aloe Vera has helped people and has been used for ailments both internally and externally for thousands of years going way back to the ancient Egyptians.  Aloe Vera has healing properties that man has yet to fully comprehend.  Today, it's mostly known and used for minor topical skin maladies like sunburns, rashes and itchy skin, but it's also used internally to help promote a healthy digestive experience.  You've probably seen it on shelves at the supermarket as Aloe Vera drinks or as an ingredient in a health drink you've been eyeing.  It's always in the produce section of your supermarket and almost always available from small vegetable farms as well.  You'll see it there in it's whole form, the proverbial aloe leaf we all know well.  As of late, it's been getting a lot of exposure and making it's way into the mainstream for it's digestive aid properties and diverse health benefits.

    Earth's Daughter Aloe Vera is probably the purest available on the planet without cutting the leaf open yourself.  It's thin and smooth and easily applied and spread.  It doesn't leave an oily or sticky residue and rest assured that Earth's Daughter has absolutely NO unnecessary or harmful additives.  Once applied, you'll feel a wonderfully cooling sensation that calms the worst of sunburns and itchy rashes while nourishing your skin.  When using Earth's Daughter Aloe Vera, expect to feel a real difference!

    Tony O's thoughts on Earth's Daughter Aloe Vera:

    I've been using this particular brand for years mainly because when I apply it to my sun-kissed skin or apply it to a rash or abrasion I happened to get, I always feel great immediately.  It goes on like silk and feels smooth and cooling yet doesn't leave me feeling sticky or greasy like most other products.  For years I've cut raw Aloe leaves open and used their natural gel to heal sunburns and windburns, but since finding Earth's Daughter's Aloe, there's not another brand I'd rather use.  I found theirs was just as awesome as the real thing, so I don't need to cut leaves anymore.  It's great for cold wintery days when you're skin is super dry as it is on a hot summer day when the sun and the fun can dry out and burn your skin easily.  My wife uses it on her skin all the time and I also use it as a must have ingredient in some of my salves.  It's important for my family to always have a bottle of Aloe in the house and I recommend you do the same.  It'll be your best friend all winter and summer long!


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