DMSO gel w/Aloe Vera is nature's miracle healing solution; it's the Sulfer Compound King!
  • Removes toxins and waste material from the body
  • Improves circulation in the muscles to help relieve muscle spasms
  • Relieves pain from nerve inflammation
  • Relieves joint pain and increases range of motion
  • Soothes toothaches
  • Softens scar tissue
  • Increases grip strength
DMSO is an effective pain killer.  It reduces inflammation and swelling by reducing inflammatory chemicals.  It improves blood supply to an area of injury by dilating blood vessels and increasing oxygen delivery and by reducing blood platelet stickiness.  It stimulates healing, which is a key to its usefulness in any condition.  It is probably the most potent free radical scavenger known to man. DMSO also penetrates the skin and the blood-brain barrier with ease, penetrating tissues, and entering the bloodstream.  It has a calming effect in the central nervous system and it reaches all areas of the body, when absorbed through the skin, including the brain.  DMSO applied to one area often leads to pain relief in some other location due to its systemic effect.  It acts as a carrier for other substances or drugs and it also potentiates their effect.  In fact, certain drugs dissolved in DMSO, such as corticoids, antibiotics and insulin, may be used in a lower dose than usual without reducing their therapeutic efficacy and in addition, their undesirable side effects are greatly diminished. DMSO promotes the excretion of urine and functions as a muscle relaxant.  It boosts the immune system.  It also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.  DMSO also increases the permeability of cell membranes, allowing a flushing of toxins from the cell.  It binds with toxic heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, nickel) and eliminates them via urination, defecation and sweating.
Tony O's take on DMSO Gel w/Aloe Vera: I love using this DMSO gel w/Aloe Vera.  It helps soothe my sore overworked muscles after a hard workout.  It gives me a great feeling overall due to it's systemic reach.  Application to my knees after a strong bike ride will help soothe the burn and soreness and somehow, other sore areas feel great even though I haven't applied anything to those areas.  My research on DMSO shows it's wonderful for healing of all types.  In my opinion, DMSO will help relieve muscle aches and joint pains better than most pain relief gels, pain creams, pills or most anything else.  Glucosamine condrointin is often recommended for joint pain relief because of it's success rate, but it takes about 4-6 months to start feeling it's benefits.  Applying DMSO gel will start decreasing inflammation and get the job done within minutes.  The smell is similar to garlic and lasts a bit but the benefits are well worth the minor smell.  This is one product I personally wouldn't be without.