• Swanson's Full Spectrum E with Tocotrienols is your "complete" vitamin E supplement! Provides superior antioxidant protection.  Reduces free radicals. Slows down the aging process.  Protects your heart and cardiovascular system. We all need a high quality Vitamin E supplement, and in today's market finding the right one can be quite a daunting experience.  Many of today's supplements have unnecessary additives and not enough of what we're really looking for.  Swanson has provided your solution.  The powerful antioxidant protection of this complete and comprehensive ultra vitamin E formula helps guard your cells against the damaging effects from free radicals and protects your heart too.  Free radicals are a toxic by-product of our bodies' metabolic process of oxygen that are dangerous within the body.  These free radicals can cause damage to living tissue and cells, in turn causing cellular mutations that can ultimately lead to serious disease.  Supplementing with vitamin E helps stop these free radicals from doing their damage, which means slowing down the aging process and providing your heart and cardiovascular system with the protection they need. Then there's Swanson's addition of a Full Spectrum Tocotrienol Complex.  Tocotrienols provide substantially beneficial synergistic qualities when combined with the tocopherol form of Vitamin E.  Emerging research suggests that tocotrienols have a powerfully dampening effect on the mutation and spread of cancer cells.  Paired with their capacity to slow down angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels), this ingredient may hinder the spread of cancer to other parts of the body too. Each highly bio-available softgel supplies 100 IU of vitamin E from d-alpha tocopherol.  Swanson smartly combines the full spectrum of important tocopherols including the highest concentration of d-gamma tocopherol, plus the synergistic support of a full spectrum tocotrienol complex.  Each of these tocotrienols act as high-powered antioxidants that optimize the free radical neutralizing activity of vitamin E.  As a combined formula, Swanson's Ultra Full Spectrum Vitamin E targets superior daily support for optimal cardiovascular health, increased cellular health and overall antioxidant protection that help's slow the aging process. Swanson Full Spectrum E provides:
    • A complete vitamin E supplement (100 IU per serving)
    • Vitamin E from full spectrum tocopherols, plus the synergistic support of tocotrienols
    • High-powered antioxidant protection for cardiovascular health
    • Support for cognitive function
    • Provides support for liver health
    • Supports superior heart health
    • Helps slow down the aging process
    • Support for healthy supple skin
    • Helps ease arthritis pains
    Tony O's take on Swanson's Full Spectrum E: Swanson’s full spectrum vitamin E supplement unleashes the full anti-oxidant power of vitamin E.  It’s synergistic combination of vitamin E with tocopherols and tocotrienols makes it a fantastic supplement to fight off free radicals.  Our bodies end up faced with free radicals daily (through no fault of our own) as part of our metabolic process of oxygen, but supplementing with Swanson's full spectrum E makes me comfortable that I'm doing what I can to supply my body with the ability to fight them off effectively.  I believe that a high quality vitamin E should be in everybody's daily regimen and is absolutely vital for cardiovascular and heart health, liver support, healthy skin and helping to slow the aging process.  I'd suggest if you're looking for a well rounded excellent vitamin E, this is your product.  As a reminder, Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin which means it's best digested with foods, so I recommend eating when you supplement with Vitamin E.
  • One of the most comprehensive combinations of potent antioxidants and free-radical scavengers available! Country Life Super 10 Antioxidant Maximized Formula features a mixture of synergistically active nutrients, including polyphenols found in red wine and green tea extracts, that address the entire range of the body's antioxidant needs.  Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that protect our bodies, organs and internal biological systems from damage done by free radicals.  Free radicals are molecules that wreak havoc on our bodies.  They attack our healthy cells and weaken our immune system.  Free radicals are unavoidable because they are naturally produced by our bodies as a product of the everyday things we do; walking, bicycling, jogging or running, going to the gym and exercising, stress, hard labor jobs, excessively stressful jobs, etc....you get the picture.  Check out how Super 10's superior antioxidant power can help you:
    • Antioxidants calm inflammation
    • They protect against heart disease
    • Antioxidants help control acne
    • Antioxidants can help keep our lungs healthy
    • They aid the body in repairing sun damage
    • Antioxidants can help keep our skin healthy
    • Maintaining a balanced antioxidant level sets the stage for a longer life span
    • Less risk for cognitive problems such as dementia
    • Boosts circulation to the brain and increases brain function
    • Regular usage decreases oxidative stress and free radical build-up
    • Helps prevent cancer by promoting cancer cells to commit suicide or "apoptosis"
    • Supports healthy eyes and vision with a reduced risk for vision loss or disorders
    • They also protect against macular degeneration and cataracts
    • Antioxidants like vitamin C help with hair growth and collagen production
    • They also provide a "protective shield" around our DNA
    • Supports anti-aging/stops, slows or even reverses the effects and signs of aging
    Research further shows that free radicals can contribute to development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, brain dysfunction, skin damage, cataracts, dementia and more.  Antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, calcium, beta-carotene, polyphenols, zinc, selenium, lutein, catechins, and more are all found in fresh healthy foods,  but are sometimes very hard to find or eat within our busy life schedules.  Country Life Super 10 Antioxidant Maximized Formula makes it easy!  One tablet provides you with your daily requirement of powerful life protecting antioxidants.  It's recommended to be taken with food so your body absorbs it best.  Swig down a tablet with your favorite juice or tea or simply water and have your morning breakfast to start your day off right.  Make Country Life Super 10 Antioxidant Maximized Formula a part of your daily regimen and get all the antioxidant protection you need to help you maintain ideal health and well-being and protect your body from unnecessary ailments. Tony O's take on Country Life's Super 10 Antioxidant Maximized Formula: I love the stuff.  The combination of vitamins used in this particular formula is awesome.  I love the grape seed and skin extracts, and the curcumin, selenium and the green tea extracts!  They're a smart addition to the power-house vitamins A, C and E.  I often recommend Super 10 to my friends, family and clients because I feel I'm recommending them a quality supplement that provides a super antioxidant boost with one tablet while providing additional benefits as well.  The tablets are a bit large so worst case just split them in half before taking them so it's easier to swallow.  Size not withstanding, I think Super 10 is a great supplement because Country Life provides very well rounded antioxidant protection and they do it well.  They do a fine job of rounding up the most necessary antioxidant warriors and combining them all into one easy tablet.  We all develop stress in our lives from our daily doings, and the fact is most of us can't get all the nutrients we need from our foods to stay energized and support our best health.  I believe Super 10 is a great way to get what you need daily.  It's in my healing cabinet and I recommend you make it part of yours too!


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