One of the best prostate nourishment supplements available!

Developed for men, Swanson's Ultra Saw Palmetto Combo's primary use is to treat the most common type of enlarged prostate condition otherwise known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland who's sufferers experience symptoms of frequent and painful urination.

Researchers have discovered that a few key phytochemical constituents are believed to produce the majority of its therapeutic benefits.  The exquisite herbs in Saw Palmetto Combo are routinely used in Europe to treat BPH conditions and are often combined with additional herbs and regimens to increase its healing capabilities.  Swanson's Ultra Saw Palmetto Combo combines the best natural prostate protectors in the world!  It features guaranteed-potency extracts of nature's premier prostate-health herbs; saw palmetto, pygeum and pumpkin seed oil.  It also provides the powerhouse antioxidant lycopene for prostate-specific protection.  Swanson ensures maximum nutrient absorption so the body can easily assimilate them.  Tests have shown that Saw Palmetto positively affects the level of testosterone in the body, and reduces the amount of specific enzymes that promote the growth of prostate cells.

Check out these benefits;

  • It's proven to slow and manage prostate growth
  • Improves multiple urinary tract symptoms and overall quality of life
  • Notable improvement of urinary flow
  • Double blind, placebo controlled tests show nocturia is dramatically reduced by 40%
  • Saw Palmetto has a positive anti-inflammatory effect on the prostate
  • Helps heal prostate diseases and inhibits cancerous cell growth in the prostate
  • Pygeum promotes apoptosis (cell death) of prostate cancer cells
  • Body maintains all the benefits of prior intake even after stopping for over 30 days
  • Aids with weight loss, improves muscle mass and helps with reduction of hair loss
  • Minimal to no side effects

Tony O's thoughts on Swanson's Saw Palmetto Combo;

This is the perfect combination of herbs needed to nourish and protect your prostate and help keep your urinary system in a nice healthy state.  My doctor recommended I use Saw Palmetto over 30 years ago and I've been using it regularly since.  He stated it's one of the best basic supplements a guy can use to protect the good ole' prostate and support the ease of urination for years to come.  Swanson's Saw Palmetto Combo is state of the art protection at a great cost.  I've never had any issues regarding my prostate up to now and hope I never will.  I'll continue to take my Saw Palmetto Combo for years to come as I believe it's a great ally in preventative maintenance for a healthy prostate and urinary system.