Start supplementing with Country Life's Sublingual B-12 daily for a healthy heart and super energy!

For superior energizing nutrition that helps maintain cardiovascular health, try Country Life's Sublingual Vitamin B-12.  While it's best known for its role in energy metabolism, vitamin B-12 also provides valuable protection for your vascular system by helping neutralize homocysteine.  Vitamin B-12 helps convert carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy.  It's also essential for the production of red blood cells, which help deliver fresh oxygen to the entire body.

Great supplementation for Vegans and Vegetarians!

Since the vitamin is found primarily in animal-source foods, B-12 supplementation can be particularly beneficial for vegans and vegetarians.  Country Life's rapid-absorption, vegetarian sublingual lozenges combine the most active coenzyme form of vitamin B-12 with folic acid, a complementary B-complex nutrient that promotes B-12 bio-availability while acting as a natural partner in homocysteine support.  It's sublingual delivery form is highly bio-available and does not require the usual conversion by the liver.  This enables the body to use the vitamin more efficiently for optimum effectiveness.  Vitamin B-12 is also essential in the energy production process providing energy to cells that give your day a great happy upbeat boost!

Major Benefits of Sublingual Vitamin B-12:

  • Potent nutrition that goes right to work
  • Country Life's B-12 is specially formulated for superior bio-availability
  • Superior bio-availabile delivery method bypasses the need for liver interaction
  • Special formulation provides maximum interaction for optimum effectiveness
  • Protects against the risk of heart disease
  • Necessary for an efficient metabolism
  • Essential in converting food to energy
  • Helps eliminate depression, anxiety and stabilizes nerves
  • Essential for forming healthy red blood cells and reduces/eliminates anemia
Tony O's advice on Country Life's Sublingual B-12:

B-12 is a very important component in my daily regimen especially since I'm always super busy running around.  Being on the run I need all the energy I can get and adding this super bio-available B-12 to my regimen makes it easy for me to get the boost I need.  It's essential to optimize the conversion of my daily supplements and B-12 aids in that conversion.  I drop a little tab under my toungue for 90 seconds or so, swish it around a bit then swallow (this is called buccal delivery).  Somehow I can actually feel the boost within minutes and I know it's starting to work.  It helps me get the most out of my concoctions which usually contain multiple supplements and vitamins (mostly all liquid extracts for maximum absorption).  This B-12 is great because it makes me feel happy and energized all day, and at the same time I know I'm doing my heart and circulatory system a world of good.  I highly recommend this to Vegans and Vegetarians so they can get the essential B-12 they so much need.  It's hard to get B-12 from a vegan or vegetarian diet so this is a great solution.  In addition, so many people lack in B-12 that a little supplement like this can make it easy to get what they need.  This fast working sublingual B-12 gets a big thumbs up in my book!