Ladies and Gentlemen; Pump up your libido with Hawaii Pharm's Muira Puama!

Muira Puama is an extremely active botanical that has a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, improving general health and personal disposition.  It's most popular for it's usage as an effective natural remedy for decline or loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and cases of impotence.  A flowering plant native to the Amazon rainforest, Muira Puama (who's name translates to "potency wood") is often referred to as the "Viagra of the Amazon".  It's an effective natural therapeutic approach for decline or loss of libido in both men and women.  It acts as an aphrodisiac increasing interest and desire for sexual activity in both sexes which in turn may help stop or prevent progressive sexual disorders.

However, addressing impotency isn’t the only health benefit associated with this herb.  Recent clinical studies show positive benefits including anti-fatigue, anti-stress, and central nervous system benefits.  It's been used for centuries by tribes in Brazil and the surrounding South American countries for it's many medicinal properties and it's presently a popular herbal supplement in Europe and North and South America.

Take a look at the additional diversified powers of Hawaii Pharm's Muira Puama;

  • Appetite stimulant
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • General health and nervous system tonic
  • Helps calm an upset stomach and treats gastrointestinal disorders
  • Increases lean muscle mass and reduces body fat percentage
  • Helps with menstrual disorders
  • Relieves joint pain (rheumatism)
  • Treats mild exhaustion and stress
  • No long term toxicity issues-use when needed
Here's Tony O's thoughts on Hawaii Pharm's Muira Puama;

One of my secret weapons for both men and women in the fight against chronic mild fatigue usually accompanied by a noted decline in libido and sexual desire, is Muira Puama.  It has a wonderful way of naturally increasing your overall desire for love and sex with no side effects like the typical "little pill".  It provides a gentle release from the days stress and allows for more natural feelings to take hold.  I would recommend this for the person who's libido and energy levels are generally fine, but who may now be going through a rough or stressful period and needs a little help.  It effectively calms the nerves, relaxes the body and allows for stress to melt away, allowing an increase in libido and sexual desire to take it's place.  It's easy enough to take and over a small period of 30-60 days your personal libido and general desire for love and compassion should be back in full swing naturally without nasty side effects or possible complications from chemically produced pills.