An ancient herbal remedy to ease joint pain and enhance bone-strength. Horsetail liquid extract is your simple natural remedy to support those creaky bones, loosen stiff joints and help ease joint and arthritic pains.  Horsetail's usage dates back to ancient Greece and Rome and has historically been used for a variety of ailments including the strengthening of weak bones, lubricating joints, helping to stop bleeding and helping people with kidney or bladder stones.  One of it's magical properties is silica; it's an element in horsetail that plays a central role in developing healthy hair, nails, and skin and is also responsible for internal joint lubrication.  Recent studies have also discovered that other natural properties in horsetail prove to have considerable anti-oxidant effects as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. Horsetail works like a diuretic,  helping the body increase urine output, which in turn helps the body rid itself of toxins and unwanted bio-waste.  It helps those suffering from fluid retention; it helps calm and treat urinary tract infections and it helps women with heavy menstrual periods. Horsetail extract has some great benefits to help a wide array of concerns:
  • Helps support osteoporosis
  • Helps lubricate stiff joints
  • Eases arthritis joint pains
  • Helps develop healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Helps with kidney and bladder stones
  • Supports weight loss
  • Eases heavy menstrual periods
  • Helps with fluid retention
  • Eases and helps treat urinary tract infections
  • Helps with incontinence
  • Use directly on the skin to support wound healing
Tony O's take on Hawaii Pharm Organic Horsetail Liquid Extract: Unusual as this extract is, I love it because it clearly helps to lubricate and support my achy bodily joints.  As we age regardless of physical shape, the cartilage that allows our bones and joints to glide smoothly starts to deteriorate creating that "creaking" sound we hear people talk about so often.  Using Horsetail has helped bring that smoothness back to my joints, particularly my knees that have been beaten down over all the years of hard bicycle riding I've done.  If you feel your joints creaking, arthritis pains bothering you or joint inflammation getting you down, horsetail is the perfect natural extract that may help ease your pains!  As a bonus you'll notice the condition of your hair, skin and nails improve too!