Eyebright is the original English folk remedy for eyes, nose, and throat and respiratory relief!  Say goodbye to hay fever!

Eyebright is a wonderful plant used for centuries to relieve ailments afflicting the eyes or upper respiratory system.  It's antiseptic and antibacterial properties naturally help maintain proper eye health while also clearing upper respiratory issues.  As a basic topical it has cleansing  properties to help relieve irritated eyes from everyday allergens, pollution and dirt particles.  It relieves eye infections and inflammations in and around the eye and helps soothe and loosen up styes giving them the chance to disburse on their own rather than having a doctor remove them.  Taken internally it helps maintain good vision and promote general eye health from within.  It helps clear nasal sinusitis and respiratory discomfort and allows for internal healing for faster recovery from general coughs and stuffy noses without the need for over the counter medications.

As always, Hawaii Pharm uses only organic, naturally grown medicinal herbs, dried and formulated in an alcohol-free extract. You can rely on Hawaii Pharm’s Eyebright Organic Liquid Extract for best results.

Hawaii Pharm Eyebright can be used to help:

  • Relieve eye infections and inflammation
  • Reduce the frequency of colds and allergic reactions
  • Reduce or stop earaches and headaches
  • Helps treat blepharitis (severe inflammation of the eyelids and inner eye)
  • Helps reduce and relieve symptoms of hay fever

Tony O's take on Eyebright:

I’m very careful about what I recommend to my clients and I trust the ingredients in Hawaii Pharm's Eyebright to the point where I’m comfortable using and recommending this product for internal and/or external use.  Eyebright is an excellent earth grown plant that can be helpful in many ways.  It's diversity in helping ailments from the head to the upper chest area make it a great and easy recommendation.  When it comes to our eyes and vision in particular, there can be no room for error so I recommend Eyebright.  People suffering from hay fever, sinus congestion and upper respiratory discomfort can find relief using Eyebright.  It’s a great remedy to relieve tired, irritated eyes and keep nasal congestion in check, help get rid of headaches and soothes ear aches.