Shilajit helps build energy, strength and virility while supporting your general well being!

Shilajit is recognized as a powerful anti-oxidant and adaptogenic supplement that will help energize and revitalize your well being.  More than 3,000 years ago, shilajit was cited in ancient Sanskrit texts as “conqueror of mountains" and "destroyer of weaknesses.”  It’s a common supplement used in the ancient practice of Ayurveda, a traditional science of disease prevention and treatment.  Ayurveda originated in India and is currently practiced in Asia, India and many other countries around the world.  In the US, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend shilajit to combat lack of energy, virility and to support rejuvenation of a person's general well being.

It's a thick sticky tar-like substance concentrated with valuable trace minerals and fulvic acid that's found high in the Himalayan and Tibetan mountains.  As it turns out, it's key ingredient fulvic acid is what makes shilajit so unusually powerful.  Fulvic acid gives shilajit its anti-oxidant power and strength as a systemic rejuvenator and “adaptogen” (an herb or nutrient that helps your body fight stress and fatigue by adapting it's function to your body's needs).  Swanson Extra Strength Shilajit features TruFulvic® purified Shilajit extract with no less than 70% fulvic acid, the natural element that is the foundation of shilajit’s benefits.  In addition, Swanson has also purified their formula with Triphala, which is a combination of three fruits that aid in digestion; Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki.  These also have a variety of health benefits most of which help with digestive and gastro-intestinal issues.

Extra Strength Shilajit extract has the potential to support:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Energy and revitalization
  • Supports minor ED (erectile dysfunction)
  • Brain health and cognitive improvement
  • Hormone and immune system regulation
  • Supports ease of digestion
  • Diabetes management
  • Cancer prevention
  • Skeletal health

Tony O's take on Swanson's Extra Strength Shilajit Extract:

We’re only beginning to understand the power and subtlety of adaptogens in the health process, though they’ve been used for centuries in many traditional medicinal practices.  In the case of shilajit being a mineral substance and taking consideration for the location of it's origin, it’s incredibly rich in trace elements we don’t normally get from our local fruits, herbs, plants or our general diet.  It comes from the mountains of the Himalayan and Tibetan regions which have an unusual variety of plant and tree life very different from ours here, therefore providing us with minerals we would normally never have a chance to get.  I've personally  used Swanson's shilajit extract and extra strength shilajit for years and I can tell you first hand it works.  It's adaptogenic properties are fantastic.  The extra strength shilajit (70% fulvic acid version) seems to enhance the time nutrients stay potent in my system.  I like it most when I've had a rigorous week or two and feel depleted.  I combine it with a few other energy boosters and I'm back in action quick!  I enjoy a great recharged feeling and my well being is in perfect balance.  The extra strength and standard versions are both must have's in my healing closet.