• Boost Your Mood, Memory, Cognitive Abilities and Empower your Circulatory System! 

    Ginkgo Biloba, the oldest tree species on earth, is very well known and usually the first supplement turned to worldwide by men and women alike for improving memory and cognitive abilities.  It’s ability to increase circulation and boost cardiovascular performance provides the user with highly improved full body functioning.  In fact, several documented studies have reported that ginkgo biloba is one of the top selling herbal supplements worldwide for men and women of all ages.  Studies have proven that Ginkgo is most noted for improvement in Alzheimers patients who unfortunately suffer from a degenerative brain disease causing a gradual and continual loss or breakdown of memory and proper brain function.  Ginkgo Biloba’s unique properties provide support for this breakdown by increasing cardiovascular circulation which increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain

    Ginkgo Biloba’s ability to increase vascular dilation and improve the health of blood vessels means not only does it support brain activity and development, but it’s antioxidant power also provides full body detoxifying properties and supercharges your immune system’s functions.  Daily usage of ginkgo biloba helps maintain proper eye health in turn preserving vision long term.  Ginkgo also helps you manage depressive or anxious moments.  It can calm your headaches and mellow your PMS symptoms.  It will improve your concentration for those times when long projects seem daunting, and help you reach back and pull memories from the far recesses of your mind.  Recent studies show it’s magical properties are flavonoids and terpenoides.  Flavonoids are plant-based antioxidants which provide us with extraordinary prevention powers.  Laboratory and animal studies show that flavonoids protect the nerves, heart muscle, blood vessels, and retina from damage.  Terpenoids (such as ginkgolides) improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels and reducing the stickiness of platelets.  Take a look at the power of Ginkgo Biloba....

    Major Health benefits include;

    • Increased cardiovascular performance for maximum whole body/extremity circulation
    • Greatly helps decrease the risk of heart attacks due to improved circulation
    • Improved  libido and sexual performance
    • Increased focus and concentration
    • Fights and helps soothe symptoms of fibromyalgia
    • Fights and soothes symptoms of PMS
    • Helps heal and prevent hemorrhoids
    • Helps prevent and treat ADHD
    • Subdues the symptoms of asthma and sinusitis
    • Helps fight anxiety and depression
    • Helps maintain vision and eye health
    • Helps treat headaches and migraines
    • Reduces risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s

    All in all, cumulative research shows that Ginkgo’s most prominent benefits are tied to superior brain function like focus, memory and overall cognitive and mental performance and as a bonus can provide you with a multitude of additional benefits for well rounded full body healing.  In fact, according to a report in the International Journal of Phyotherapy and Phytopharmacology states, "ginkgo biloba is currently the most researched and adopted herbal remedy for cognitive disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.”

    Tony O's views on Ginkgo Biloba:

    Hands down Hawaii Pharm's Ginkgo is always on my list for an overall energy and brain-awakening boost!  I like to add it to my morning juice smoothies to get a nice "jump" on my day, and in my teas on those colder mornings when I need to spark up a good mood on a bluesy day.  I recommend it for everybody of any age when feeling sluggish and tired or if your mood is down or if you have a long project ahead of you requiring heavy focus and concentration.  Students studying for exams and need to retain material for tests will fare well with Ginkgo Biloba liquid extract.  I know plenty of students cramming for tests using over the counter meds to keep them focused and awake, but then they suffer with the crash and they need more or lots of aspirin and so on.  The alternative I recommend is Ginkgo Biloba for excellent focus and concentration power without any crappy side effects.  It's always in my healing closet and I recommend making it part of yours!

  • Green Tea Liquid Extract


    Potent anti-oxidant and phytochemical strength that fights Alzheimers, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar, High Anxiety and even Boosts Weight Loss!

    Green Tea is the drink of choice for antioxidant power, and Hawaii Pharm's Green Tea Liquid Extract is one of the best ways to get the powerful effects of Green Tea’s catechins; the anti-oxidants that fight and even prevent cell damage.  Green Tea has not only been found to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol, which makes it good for your heart, it supports immune system function and fat loss.  The phytochemicals contained within Green Tea extract go far beyond the basic benefits of your average vitamins.  Studies have even linked Green Tea to brain health; no wonder it’s virtually the world’s most popular beverage.

    Hawaii Pharm’s Green Tea Extract is a super-concentrated solution that bottles the best of this renowned tea. This high strength Green Tea liquid extract assimilates faster than powders or pills, and is easier to digest.

    Hawaii Pharm's Green Tea extract offers the following benefits:

    • Potent antioxidants that can lower the risk of cancer
    • Increased fat burning
    • Improvements in cognition and brain function
    • Helps calm high anxiety
    • Stabilizes blood sugar levels which helps diabetics
    • May reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
    • Can kill bacteria and lower risk of dental infection
    • Helps increase longevity
    • Can help lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure

    Hawaii Pharm Green Tea extract is:

    • Made in an FDA registered facility in Hawaii
    • Non-GMO, Gluten and Alcohol-Free
    • Formulated from all-natural ingredients, wild or ethically sourced
    • The highest strength Green Tea available

    Tony O's take on Hawaii Pharm Green Tea Extract:

    Though the incredible antioxidant powers of Green Tea have been touted for years, some important details continue to be ignored, like product purity and absorption.  Hawaii Pharm has both of those concerns covered, which is why I love Hawaii Pharm’s potent and ultra-pure liquid extract.  It supports dysfunctional insulin or insulin resistance; in other words it helps diabetics by stabilizing high levels of blood sugars.  I've recommended it to many friends and clients for weight loss and increasing metabolism.  Green Tea also gives you a nice caffeine boost for those looking to get a better workout while also pumping up your digestive furnace.  This increased metabolic state helps to clear clogged arteries of unhealthy fats and cholesterol; just another reason Green Tea extract is a mainstay in my healing closet.

  • Heal and balance your body from within with Essiac Liquid Herbal Supplement!
    When the body is treated holistically, treatment occurs from the inside out.  Organa Essiac tea works by cleansing the body of toxins, repairing the immune system and strengthening vital organs, which in turn improves all aspects of health.  Because of this full body revitalization, the body is able to fight illness better.
    Essiac's formulation of these special herbs provide a natural source of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants which protect against cell damage caused by free radicals.  Free radicals can cause oxidation of healthy cells that eventually contribute to many diseases within our bodies and using Essiac tea helps us fortify against these nasty free radicals.  Essiac tea is also used for improved immune health.
    Tony O's insight into Essiac supplementation:
    Using Essiac will help ease many of our bodily issues with usage and proper administration.  If you're interested in using Essiac, I recommend using it for 60 days then stopping for 30 days before starting cycle again.  I recommend Essiac if you're overworked, undernourished or eating improperly like too much unhealthy fast food, stressed out, feeling low and week, and once in a while simply for help cleansing your system.  You should notice increased energy, better sleep and improved bowel movements withing days if the Essiac tea is working well with your biology.


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