• Dandelion Liquid Extract


    Say goodbye to your upset stomach, indigestion & bloated gassy feeling with Dandelion Extract!

    You’re probably familiar with Dandelions as more of a nuisance than a plant with tremendous health benefits but Dandelion extract, Dandelion root and it’s greens have been used worldwide as traditional medicine for help with loss of appetite, upset stomach and intestinal gas.  A cup of your favorite tea with some Dandelion extract will help soothe the worst of stomach aches.  It’s widely recommended for liver support due to it’s high antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties and it’s also full of vitamins to boot!  Containing a boatload of vitamins like A, B Complex, C, D, E, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, copper, manganese, choline, boron, silicon, zinc and phosphorous, Dandelion is a tremendous extract to keep handy.

    Here’s some healing properties of Dandelion Liquid Extract;

    • Great nutritional value containing high levels of iron, vitamins & protein
    • As a diuretic it helps treat urinary issues and promotes healthy liver function
    • Also acts as a laxative to help increase and regulate bowel movements
    • High antioxidant content helps protect your body’s cells from damage and oxidation
    • Anti inflammatory properties calm joint pain, muscle aches and soothes the body
    • Dandelion helps keep blood sugar in check
    • It helps reduce cholesterol and fortifies cardiovascular efficiency
    • Helps lower and regulate blood pressure
    • Studies show dandelion improves fat burning and metabolism which helps with weight loss
    • Additional studies show dandelion may help with eczema and bruises

    Tony O’s take on Hawaii Pharm’s Dandelion Extract:

    Dandelion is one of those that’s always in my healing closet.  I recommend it all the time and personally use it when I have indigestion from a big meal or something that just didn’t go down right.  Those nights when dinner leaves you feeling bloated and gassy are the nights when Dandelion extract can be your best friend.  Put some in your water, tea or juice (I suggest a nice hot cup of your favorite tea) and that crappy feeling will soon be gone.  Aside from its powerful digestive properties, I randomly add it to my smoothies as well for the many other health benefits it provides.  I'm always looking to keep a wide variety of extracts in my system to keep me strong against health invaders.

  • Frankincense; the fabled, anti-aging healer that works at the cellular level!

    For millennia, Frankincense has been coveted for its ability to promote healthy cell regeneration, and in particular, for its rejuvenating impact on skin.  Frankincense has a healing effect on cells and tissue.  It’s used as an anti-aging tonic that’s good for skin, wounds, infections and more.  Some of Frankincense’s power lies in its anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, and disinfectant qualities.

    Hawaii Pharma’s super-concentrated Frankincense Liquid Extract is produced alcohol-free at the highest strength, making Frankincense’s other-worldly benefits available to everyone.  It’s a dried resin glycerite, made with no alcohol and only natural ingredients.

    Some of Frankincense Liquid Extract’s reputed benefits:

    • Heals skin and prevents signs of aging
    • Eases digestion, relieves nausea, and detoxes the digestive system
    • Can reduce the symptoms of IBS, colitis & Crohn’s disease
    • Helps decrease inflammation and pain
    • Acts as a sleep aid
    • Helps treat dry skin
    • Used to relieve the pain of arthritis
    • Promotes uterine health
    • Has been shown to fight cells of specific types of cancer
    • Digestive, diuretic and expectorant support

    Tony O's take on Frankincense Liquid Extract:

    I find Frankincense intriguing because of its powerful roots in the ancient world and its role in healing.  Some people even claim that Frankincense can induce a feeling of peace and heightened spirituality, which might explain why it’s so popular in perfumes and fragrances.  I personally use it in my morning fruit smoothie from time to time for internal healing benefits and overall well being.   It's so versatile I also incorporate it into some personal salves I create for various skin afflictions as well as anti-aging treatment salves and lotions.  I hold Hawaii Pharm's Frankincense Liquid Extract and it's fabulous formulation in very high regard and recommend it highly.


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