EASY OPERATION WITH CONTEMPORARY STYLING - This stylish essential oil diffuser freshens and humidifies your air while stimulating your senses with your favorite oil scent.  This diffuser fits right into any style of room setting.  It provides soothing spa vapors in conjunction with 7 beautiful LED light settings, while also providing a fixed color setting or no light at all.  There's a hand held remote so you can easily control your vaporizer from your bed or couch or anywhere within 20'-25'. SAFE AND RELIABLE ANYWHERE - Designed to be extremely quiet and pleasant, there's absolutely no noise, heat or vibration and it's portable too!  Create your own purified spa vapor with your own special scents anywhere you go.  Using this diffuser on trips will help freshen up that stale hotel room smell and make it sweet and aromatic.  It'll help make your stay away from home warmer and more comfortable while getting rid of negative ions helping to lift your mood and producing feelings of relaxation and general well being. RELAXING AND THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS - The wonderful scents from the essential oils along with the alternating colors creates a peaceful surrounding and promotes relaxation.  The remote control can control the diffuser from 20'-25' feet away.  Water Capacity: 120 mL  Size: 8" x 5" Operates up to 6 hours and is perfect of a room of approx. 250 -300 sq ft in size. NATURE'S AROMATHERAPY VAPORIZER - Aromatherapy is an energizing and relaxing self controlled personal treatment for many ailments and dysfunctions.  In today's holistic world, aromatherapy is frequently used to help relax patients and help them clear themselves of certain ailments, pains, mental fogs or simply relieve the day's stress.  It is a very powerful health option that is also quite a bit of fun.  Use it to diffuse your favorite scents and freshen up a room and you'll likely feel energized.  It's perfect for meditation or while painting, drawing or writing for inspiration.  Anywhere you can plug it in, you can have your aromatherapy. YOUR PURCHASE INCLUDES A BONUS - It's a free eBook! "10 GREAT TIPS FOR YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS" - A beneficial and beautifully illustrated eBook that provides tips for essential oil users.  Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential into the water tank inside, turn it on and walk away and enjoy the natural uplifting properties of aromatherapy in the comfort of your own home, spa, office or yoga studio or while you're away.  Download your eBook by following the link on the instructions inside the package.  Enjoy!