• The ultimate memory, focus and endurance combination! The powerful brain & memory support of Ginkgo Biloba combined and fueled by the adaptogenic power of Red Panax Ginseng! Ginkgo Biloba contains natural compounds which enhance and support memory, mental performance, brain function, and overall full body circulation.  Ginkgo also supports Alzheimers by improving memory and concentration.  It gives your brain a big cognitive boost so you can be sharp and alert and able to handle tasks requiring focus and concentration.  It also provides a powerful circulatory boost to energize your heart and body.  And a big plus, Ginkgo also helps treat migraines and headaches with reliable results. Panax Ginseng (also known as Korean Ginseng) is a powerful adaptogen that promotes vitality, energy, and improves mood.  It has adaptogenic properties meaning it helps the body balance uneven states.  For example, if you're tired it will pick you up, if you're too energetic and it's time to relax, ginseng will calm you and give you a sense of peace and relaxation.  If you're nervous or anxious it will help calm you down.  If you're depressed it will help pick up your mood.  Nature's great equalizer! Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng have been used for centuries to help cure and treat a multitude of health issues, and today are two of the most respected and popular herbal supplements available.  Each is used in its own right for improved concentration, brain function, cognitive improvement, improved libido, supporting weight loss efforts by suppressing appetites, managing depression, helping to control dementia, boosting your cardiovascular system and supporting healthy heart function among many other things.  Now Prince of Peace has put them together in one potent herbal formula designed to give you a natural edge and support to grab life by the horns. The synergistic combo of Ginkgo Biloba & Red Panax Ginseng offers a wide range of benefits including:
    • Short & long term memory support
    • Helps treat Alzheimer's
    • Helps treat dementia
    • Treats headaches and migraines
    • Improved focus and concentration
    • Helps calm tinnitus
    • Supports PMS
    • Positive effect on stamina and energy
    • Support for cognitive function and brain health
    • Contributes to stress reduction
    • Positive effect on blood circulation
    • Improves sexual function and supports libido
    Tony O's take on Prince of Peace Ginkgo/Red Panax Ginseng combo: This is one of my most recommended herbal supplements because of it's ability to really supercharge your day.  The Ginkgo helps make you clear and sharp and the Ginseng provides lasting energy and focus to help you through a long day.  Together they help you stay on your game and on your toes all day long without jitters, shakes or any weird feelings of anxiety or that heavy afternoon slump, like the one you get once the caffeine from that coffee or coffee's have worn off.  Prince of Peace has put together two of the most respected herbal medicines that target mood and mental function, and they've got a winning formula.  There's nothing better for clarity and energy in my book.  So I'd say if you’re looking for a fast easy energizer, lasting power and better concentration, add this formula to your repertoire.  The day is long but Prince of Peace gives us the supplement we need to face the day and do it well.  Also take a look at Prince of Peace's Ginkgo Biloba w/Tibetan Rhodiola, Eleuthero Root & Mulberry Extract for a different twist to an already good thing.  More extracts, more diversity.
  • Welcome to mushroom nation, where your health comes first!

    Nature's food for full body wellness and superior immune boosting nutrients!

    Mushrooms have revealed and proven themselves to be a uniquely effective source of immune system and memory and cognition support.  They support heart and circulatory health and are consumed as food and used as extracts and powders all over the world.  My Community is a blend of 17 potent mushroom species, designed to support and enhance natural immunity made in an easy to take liquid extract.  Formulated with all organic mushrooms, from the commonplace to the exotic, this supplement contains species including cordyceps, chaga, reishi, maitake, lions mane, agarikon and more.  The benefits are amazing; improved cognitive abilities, restoration of long and short term memory issues, helps build an enhanced immune system, better focus and more energy for long term or strenuous activity.  It's an impressive list with many more benefits not listed.

    My Community 17-Species Multi Mushroom Complex was created by Paul Stamets as a comprehensive “Host Defense” formula for supporting natural immunity.  With its unique combination of mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies – all totally organic – you’ll get a diverse range of constituents to help balance the immune system including enzymes, antioxidants, and “pre-biotics.”

    Multi-Mushroom Immune Support:

    • Comprehensive super concentrated immune support formula
    • Helps improve long and short term memory
    • Increases stamina and energy levels
    • Improves heart and circulatory health
    • Increased focus and better concentration
    • Encourages resistance to cellular assaults
    • Provides overall wellness and full body healing

    Tony O's take on My Community Multi-Mushroom Extract:

    In my past studies and research on the overall benefits of exotic healing mushrooms, I've found tons of write-ups on mushrooms like reishi, shitaki, maitake, cordyseps and lions mane mushrooms.  Some have been clearly linked to anti-cancer results.  Others have been proven to supercharge memory and cognitive abilities, while others are powerful immunity builders.  Amazing!  Now put these all together and add another dozen different species of powerful mushrooms and you get this awesome "community" extract.  I love that Host Defense has gathered such an unusual collection of these species and  formulated and easy to take liquid extract.  I believe this is an incredibly powerful product for when you're feeling sluggish, run down from rough days or cold wintery weather, feeling like your memory or cognitive skills aren't performing at their best, or maybe you have a big project or test coming and need to stay awake and focused to get through.....My Community Extract will be perfect.  I have it in my healing closet all the time and I recommend you do the same.


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