Saw Palmetto; Man's Best Friend!

Saw Palmetto is used primarily as a preventative supplement to help against the natural and unavoidable growth of the male prostate.  Saw Palmetto is a male friendly little berry who's extract is often used to treat the most common type of enlarged prostate otherwise called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland.  Researchers aren't sure exactly how Saw Palmetto works, but it contains plant-based chemicals that are highly effective in supporting and treating BPH.  Tests have shown that Saw Palmetto positively affects the level of testosterone in the body, and reduces the amount of specific enzymes that promote the growth of prostate cells.  Clinical studies have concluded that Saw Palmetto also proves to have superior anti-inflammatory effects on the prostate.  Here are some solid facts:

  • Saw Palmetto has a positive anti-inflammatory effect on the prostate
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Improves muscle mass
  • Helps with reduction of hair loss
  • Balances testosterone levels improving the male libido
  • Helps maintain a healthy prostate and urinary system
  • Notable improvement of urinary tract symptoms and urinary flow

Tony O's take on Hawaii Pharm's Saw Palmetto;

Many years ago my General Practitioner had recommended I take Saw Palmetto due to it's ability to protect my prostate long term.  He stated that these particular berries had special properties and would aid in preservation of my testosterone levels and ease my urinary flow throughout the aging process.  Fact is, as men get older, urinary flow can be impeded and testosterone levels drop.  As my doc did for me many years ago, I recommend my male clients take Hawaii Pharm's Saw Palmetto Extract daily to help maintain their precious and always vulnerable male prostate.  Hawaii Pharm's natural liquid extract goes right to work infusing into our bloodstream within seconds of taking your dosage. With extracts being the best delivery system, I know my clients are getting the maximum benefit right away.  I would also recommend making Saw Palmetto a daily lifestyle addition so you can assure your prostate is always protected during the years to come.