Bringing fresh, filtered water on-the-go is now easier and safer than ever

Protect your 18 oz. Aquasana glass water bottle with our colorful Aquasana silicone sleeves and matching leak proof BPA free plastic caps.  The smart honeycomb design creates an easy, nonslip grip that eliminates condensation slippage and is designed for a safe, snug fit so you don’t have to worry about your bottle coming loose or slipping out.  The Rainbow Pack comes complete with translucent blue, green, orange, red, light green, and teal protective silicone sleeves and matching tight seal leak proof BPA free plastic caps.

  • Dishwasher-safe silicone sleeves with leak proof BPA free plastic lids
  • Made to fit Aquasana 18 ounce glass water bottles
  • Silicon sleeve reinforces the already break resistant bottle for more protection
  • Take your water or favorite juice or tea anywhere anytime on-the-go!
Tony O's take on Aquasana's Colored Sleeves: I have Aquasana bottles so of course I have the colored sleeves.  They protect the bottle against breakage from being dropped or knocked around, all the while insulating my beverage of choice.  They make holding the bottle safer providing protection against the bottle sliding out of your hands and they create a barrier for your hands against super hot or super cold drinks.  These sleeves are perfect for me and my usage of Aquasana bottles.  I recommend throwing away your plastic bottles and buying Aquasana glass bottles.  You'll start drinking healthier liquids from tough break resistant BPA free glass bottles.  Be healthy.  Think quality glass!  And protect them with colored'll love them like I love mine!