• amazing-grass-green-superfood-original-30-servings-8-5-oz-v2 order premium green superfood powder online
    Alkalizing & Energizing Plant Based Food!

    Green drinks are a super fast easy way to get a powerhouse of nutrients all packed into one great refreshing drink any time of day!  Mixing a scoop of Amazing Greens Super Foods in your favorite glass of juice or water anytime will give you a wonderful boost of energy and a clear head to get your day going!  Whether it helps you get out of a midday slump or powers you up while prepping for a marathon, a refreshing super healthy green drink will make your day!

    Check out some of these benefits:

    • Potent antioxidants and phytonutrients that help in reducing the risks associated with oxidative stress
    • Great source of fiber and valuable digestive enzymes
    • Soothes acid indigestion
    • Helps protect against complications brought on by high blood pressure such as stroke
    • Protection against the development of hormone-dependent cancers in women
    • Reduces the risk of developing diseases & cancers
    • Has superior anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties
    • Helps prevent kidney stones
    • Makes your hair, skin and nails strong and sexy
    • Helps re-frame your views towards healthier eating

    Tony O's take on Amazing Grass Superfood Green Drink Powder: This is one of my favorites when it comes to green drinks.  I mix this straight up with water to aid and maximize my personal weight loss efforts or replenish lost nutrients.  Because of the positive measured results I get from using it personally, I also recommend Green Superfood to my family, friends and clients to get the nutritional support they need while working on losing weight.  It helps increase energy which is paramount when you're trying to lose weight because you're eating less and less food means less energy.  So this is a great way to support your weight loss efforts.  It's also a great addition to support a daily regimen of vitamins because it'll help fill the gaps with trace minerals and off the charts nutrients you're probably not getting from your average daily round-up of nutrients and supplements. Green Superfood also helps a myriad of body and health issues, some of which you may not even realize you have until you start supplementing with Green Superfood and start feeling better as your symptoms start disappearing.  You'll have more energy, stamina and focus all the while also pumping up your cellular function and increasing your immunity threshold.  It helps relieve stress so your days go a bit easier.  And it's even got probiotics to improve a sluggish digestive system.  This is great stuff!  I use it myself (among the mix of many different green drink powders) and always have a glass ready for my family or friends and I constantly recommend it for all ages, the elderly and even children.  After all, who eats ALL of their vegetables and gets the superfood boost they need right?
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    Amla Liquid Extract delivers super high quality Vitamin C!

    Amla (Indian Gooseberry) provides a powerhouse of health benefits owing to the wide array of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients present in it but more importantly it's Vitamin C content.  The amazing health benefits of Amla can be attributed to the super high amounts of Vitamin C present in it.  According to ancient Ayurveda, the daily use of Amla promoted longevity and could help us live for more than 100 years!  Amla is also considered as one of the most popular herbs for improving our overall health and well-being.  It's was commonly prescribed for daily use to ease digestive issues, enhance concentration and alleviate respiratory problems.  It helps the younger set with skin complications, acne and blemishes.  It helps in weight loss efforts and strengthens the mind and body to better handle daily challenges.  The super high vitamin C content helps build collagen that keeps lips plump and skin supple and soft.  It also helps support collagen development for strong cartilage and bones.

    Check out this awesome list of Amla's great health benefits;

    • Rich super-source of vitamin C
    • Supports bone health
    • Regulates stress
    • Helps respiratory disorders
    • Supports optimal mental health and anti-aging activity
    • Aids in weight loss and lowers fat cell content
    • Natural remedy against infections and diseases with it's antioxidant-rich, antiviral, antibacterial nature
    • Purifies the blood and improves cardiovascular health
    • Fights major diseases like anemia, diabetes, intestinal and digestive issues
    • Fights cancer and degenerative diseases
    • Dissolves kidney stones and is a remedy for hyper-acidity & ulcers
    • Reduces skin irritations, pimples, acne and blemishes
    • Natural skin cleanser; brightens skin tone, restores skin firmness, restricts free-radical skin damage
    • Prevents hair fallout and premature graying, promotes hair growth and treats scalp conditions
    • Strengthens body & mind, strengthens teeth & nails and improves vision

    Tony O's personal experiences with Hawaii Pharm's Amla Extract:

    Amla has been in my healing cabinet for years.  I love mixing it into my smoothies and teas knowing I can get super high quality vitamin C every day in addition to my daily blend of goodness.  I recall an interesting time when I went for some blood tests and upon the doctor's return to review his findings, he commented on how "clean" my blood was.  When I asked him what he meant, he went on to explain how the lymph nodes filter blood of toxins and such, and while most healthy people show clean blood, apparently mine was super filtered and devoid of excess toxins and waste.  This is the best way I can explain the conversation (although an astute health coach with much nutritional experience, doctor jargon still confuses me somewhat).  All I know for sure is Amla is a blood purifier and it's working it's magic in me.  In addition it has so many other major benefits I'd really feel like I'm missing something if I don't include it in my daily regimen of goodness.  I highly recommend it for everybody because getting the right amount of "real" vitamin C is not easy.  I especially recommend it to my older clients for collagen development that will lead to plumper lips and nicer more "elastic" skin.  I also recommend it for parents who feel their children don't eat right and don't get enough vitamin C in their diets.  Overall, Hawaii Pharm's Amla Extract is one of the best, most used and highly recommended extracts I know.  In conclusion, because of it's vast array of benefits, I believe everybody of all ages can realize positive results for many ailments taking Amla daily.

  • order online Doctors Best Curcumin C3 Complex order-online-doctors-best-curcumin-c3-complex-with-bioperine-500mg-120-gel-caps
    Relieve arthritis pain.
    Reduce your cholesterol.
    Protect your heart.
    Boost your immune system.
    All in one? Yes! Doctor's Best Curcumin C3 Complex® with BioPerine® is the answer.
    • Improves digestion
    • Controls diabetes
    • Prevents  liver disease
    • Boosts you immune system
    • Controls and relieves arthritis
    • Reduces high cholesterol levels
    • Lowers your risk of heart disease
    • Natural anti-inflammatory compound
    • Has incredible benefits against depression
    • Helps prevent and perhaps even treat cancer
    • Protects cells and tissues by fighting free radicals
    • Delays aging and fights age-related chronic diseases
    • Useful in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease
    • Linked to improved brain function and a lower risk of brain diseases
    • Science-Based Nutrition™ with BioPerine® for enhanced super fast absorption
    Doctor's Best complex contains potent bio-active compounds with powerful medicinal properties that dramatically increase the antioxidant capacity of the body for maximum inflammatory protection and overall cellular health!

    Doctors Best Curcumin C3 Complex® with BioPerine® contains a standardized extract of Curcuma longa root, commonly known as "Turmeric."  Turmeric is the yellow spice that gives flavor to curried dishes.  In the Far East, turmeric is valued for more than culinary uses.  The herb has been employed in the Ayurvedic healing tradition for centuries as a folk remedy.  The active ingredients in Curcuma longa are a group of plant substances called curcuminoids.  Collectively known as "curcumin," they have demonstrated potent antioxidant properties in scientific studies.  Curcuminoids benefit joints and other tissues by neutralizing free-radicals and increasing your body's defenses against inflammation.  The benefits are profound and many are listed above.  Start using Doctors Best Curcumin Complex as part of your daily supplementation to help relieve those aching joints and arthritic pains once and for all!

    Tony O's take on Doctors Best Curcumin C3 Complex: Love the stuff!  I take it most every day as part of my antioxidant regimen and I love it.  It helps calm those daily aches and pains from the onset of arthritis and previous injuries.  I like Doctors Best because I like their commitment to quality supplements.  I know that they're giving me what they say they're giving me.  And the proof is in the way this complex helps subside general aches and pains.  I recommend this curcumin C3 complex because I know how unhappy and uncomfortable arthritic pains can be and taking this will help relax and douse those pains for you too.  It's top of my list for inflammation and arthritic discomfort.
  • order-online-bursitis-care-ultra-concentrated-liquid-extract order-online-bursitis-care-ultra-concentrated-liquid-extract

    Suffering from bursitis?  Painfully inflamed knee, elbow or shoulder joints?

    Hawaii Pharm's Bursitis Care can help! 

    Bursitis affects millions of people, especially the 40+ crowd, and is usually ignored and untreated although very painful.  Bursitis is the inflammation or irritation of one or more of the (over 150!) bursa sacs (small sacs of synovial fluid) in the body.  Bursa sacs are located in your joints and areas where muscles and tendons slide across bone acting as lubricating reservoirs that decrease rubbing, friction, and irritation.  Healthy bursa create a smooth, almost friction-less gliding surface making normal movement painless.  When bursitis occurs, movement surrounding or relying on the inflamed bursa becomes very difficult and often extremely painful.

    Painful flare-ups or "episodes" may build up gradually or be sudden and severe, especially if calcium deposits are present.  In addition, further movement and usage of tendons and muscles over and around the bursitis inflicted area aggravates its inflammation making the problem worse.  Ignoring or "toughing through" your bursitis can adversely affect and potentially stiffen the surrounding muscle only compounding the problem to new levels.  As for the shoulder, a severe bursitis flare-up could cause loss of shoulder motion resulting in what's commonly known as a "frozen shoulder".  Treating your bursitis with Hawaii Pharm's Bursitis Care will help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with your bursitis.  Each of the powerful organic ingredients, Frankincense, Turmeric and White Willow Bark complement each other synergistically creating a powerful formula that helps minimize or relieve both pain and inflammation quickly and effectively to help keep you moving freely and comfortably through your day.

    Tony O's take on Hawaii Pharm's Bursitis Care Liquid Extract: This extract really works!  I've recommended it to many people over the years and the overall consensus is that it really provides relief.  Years ago I was playing beach volleyball and hyper-extended my right elbow.  Little did I know it at that moment, but I had badly bruised a bursa sack in my elbow.  Within moments the elbow blew up to the size of a softball and fortunately had a friend on the scene (who luckily was a nurse) to help me understand exactly what I had done.  Once diagnosed, I used Bursitis Care with coconut oil and rosemary extract, made a small amount of balm, rubbed it on my elbow, wrapped it tight with an ace bandage to compress it and the swelling went down within a few hours.  It calmed the pain and helped decrease the swelling.  I used the salve for several days afterwards and although a bit sore, I was much better and no more softball size inflammation.  This stuff really works.
  • Country Life Calcium Magnesium Supplements New York order-online-country-life-calcium-magnesium-with-vit-d-120-veggie-caps
    Solid daily support for a strong heart, strong muscles and healthy teeth and bones! Calcium is an essential mineral, used throughout the body to protect and heal.  Magnesium's role is also essential, aiding the body in the absorption of calcium.  Magnesium's unique ability to help with calcium absorption allows calcium to enter the system faster, resulting in a quicker response to any bone or tissue ailments needing extra attention.  The calcium and magnesium duo work together in perfect sync with phosphorus and D3 to maintain and regulate daily bodily functions, help in the formation of healthy bones and teeth, and keep your body and overall bone structure healthy.  Thanks to Country Life's perfect ratios, our bodies can use these minerals easily and efficiently and keep illnesses and disease at bay. Major health benefits of supplementing with calcium and magnesium you can't ignore;
    • Healthy and active transmission of nerve impulses
    • Body temperature regulation
    • Supports energy production
    • Promotes full body detoxification
    • Supports heart health
    • Supports bone health
    • Improves and supports oral health
    • Helps improve respiratory health
    • Excellent natural pain relief
    Tony O's take on Country Life's Calcium Magnesium Complex: Country Life's Calcium Magnesium Complex is a great way to help keep and maintain strong healthy bones and teeth.  Daily supplementation provides the body with the perfect mineral combination it needs to form healthy bones and help repair random bone ailments that exist or as they appear.  Nature provides us with the naturally perfect combination of these minerals in deep leafy greens; but my personal experience and client interviews have determined that these are exactly the type of greens we don't normally eat.  The most common is Iceberg lettuce followed by Romaine lettuce, both of which have good water content but very little of the dense mineral content you'll find in the deep and dark leafy greens such as red lettuce, arugula, spinach, swiss chard, and general field greens.  Kale is top of the food chain for it's nutritional content, but few people like it's strong heavy flavor.  It seems to overpower most all other greens...but it's all preference. Anyway, Country Life has given us a way to get what we need when we don't get enough naturally as this complex is a great replacement for the deep leafy greens we all tend to get little of.  If you have any type of bone ailments, are recovering from any broken bones, joint issues, weak teeth or general feeling of weakness in your bone structure, this Calcium Magnesium Complex is the way to go.  Take it daily but practice cycling 60-90 days on and 30-60 days off.  There are other ways our bodies get calcium such as dairy and other foods, so excessive use or ingestion of calcium may promote calcium deposits in some people.  To keep it safe, I always recommend cycling on and off any supplements; too much of a good (any) thing is not a good thing.
  • Dandelion Liquid Extract New York Dandelion Liquid Extract in New York

    Dandelion Liquid Extract


    Say goodbye to your upset stomach, indigestion & bloated gassy feeling with Dandelion Extract!

    You’re probably familiar with Dandelions as more of a nuisance than a plant with tremendous health benefits but Dandelion extract, Dandelion root and it’s greens have been used worldwide as traditional medicine for help with loss of appetite, upset stomach and intestinal gas.  A cup of your favorite tea with some Dandelion extract will help soothe the worst of stomach aches.  It’s widely recommended for liver support due to it’s high antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties and it’s also full of vitamins to boot!  Containing a boatload of vitamins like A, B Complex, C, D, E, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, copper, manganese, choline, boron, silicon, zinc and phosphorous, Dandelion is a tremendous extract to keep handy.

    Here’s some healing properties of Dandelion Liquid Extract;

    • Great nutritional value containing high levels of iron, vitamins & protein
    • As a diuretic it helps treat urinary issues and promotes healthy liver function
    • Also acts as a laxative to help increase and regulate bowel movements
    • High antioxidant content helps protect your body’s cells from damage and oxidation
    • Anti inflammatory properties calm joint pain, muscle aches and soothes the body
    • Dandelion helps keep blood sugar in check
    • It helps reduce cholesterol and fortifies cardiovascular efficiency
    • Helps lower and regulate blood pressure
    • Studies show dandelion improves fat burning and metabolism which helps with weight loss
    • Additional studies show dandelion may help with eczema and bruises

    Tony O’s take on Hawaii Pharm’s Dandelion Extract:

    Dandelion is one of those that’s always in my healing closet.  I recommend it all the time and personally use it when I have indigestion from a big meal or something that just didn’t go down right.  Those nights when dinner leaves you feeling bloated and gassy are the nights when Dandelion extract can be your best friend.  Put some in your water, tea or juice (I suggest a nice hot cup of your favorite tea) and that crappy feeling will soon be gone.  Aside from its powerful digestive properties, I randomly add it to my smoothies as well for the many other health benefits it provides.  I'm always looking to keep a wide variety of extracts in my system to keep me strong against health invaders.

  • DMSO liquid Concentrate New York order online DMSO 99% Pure Liquid, 16 oz bottle
    DMSO is nature's miracle healing solution; it's the Sulfer Compound King!
    • Removes toxins and waste material from the body
    • Improves circulation in the muscles to help relieve muscle spasms
    • Relieves pain from nerve inflammation
    • Relieves joint pain and increases range of motion
    • Soothes toothaches
    • Softens scar tissue
    • Increases grip strength
    DMSO is an effective pain killer.  It reduces inflammation and swelling by reducing inflammatory chemicals.  It improves blood supply to an area of injury by dilating blood vessels and increasing oxygen delivery and by reducing blood platelet stickiness.  It stimulates healing, which is a key to its usefulness in any condition.  It is probably the most potent free radical scavenger known to man. DMSO also penetrates the skin and the blood-brain barrier with ease, penetrating tissues, and entering the bloodstream.  It has a calming effect in the central nervous system and it reaches all areas of the body, when absorbed through the skin, including the brain.  DMSO applied to one area often leads to pain relief in some other location due to its systemic effect.  It acts as a carrier for other substances or drugs and it also potentiates their effect.  In fact, certain drugs dissolved in DMSO, such as corticoids, antibiotics and insulin, may be used in a lower dose than usual without reducing their therapeutic efficacy and in addition, their undesirable side effects are greatly diminished. DMSO promotes the excretion of urine and functions as a muscle relaxant.  It boosts the immune system.  It also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.  DMSO also increases the permeability of cell membranes, allowing a flushing of toxins from the cell.  It binds with toxic heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, nickel) and eliminates them via urination, defecation and sweating.
    Tony O's take on 99% Pure DMSO Liquid: I love using DMSO.  It helps soothe my sore overworked muscles after a hard workout.  It gives me a great feeling overall due to it's systemic reach.  Application to my knees after a strong bike ride will help soothe the burn and soreness and somehow, other sore areas feel great even though I haven't applied anything to those areas.  My research on DMSO shows it's wonderful for healing of all types.  In my opinion, DMSO will help relieve muscle aches and joint pains better than most pain relief gels, pain creams, pills or most anything else.  Glucosamine condrointin is often recommended for joint pain relief because of it's success rate, but it takes about 4-6 months to start feeling it's benefits.  Applying DMSO gel will start decreasing inflammation and get the job done within minutes.  The smell is similar to garlic and lasts a bit but the benefits are well worth the minor smell.  This is one product I personally wouldn't be without.
  • order online mens extra strength shilajit extract order-online-mens-extra-strength-shilajit-extract-100mg-30-veggie-caps

    Shilajit helps build energy, strength and virility while supporting your general well being!

    Shilajit is recognized as a powerful anti-oxidant and adaptogenic supplement that will help energize and revitalize your well being.  More than 3,000 years ago, shilajit was cited in ancient Sanskrit texts as “conqueror of mountains" and "destroyer of weaknesses.”  It’s a common supplement used in the ancient practice of Ayurveda, a traditional science of disease prevention and treatment.  Ayurveda originated in India and is currently practiced in Asia, India and many other countries around the world.  In the US, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend shilajit to combat lack of energy, virility and to support rejuvenation of a person's general well being.

    It's a thick sticky tar-like substance concentrated with valuable trace minerals and fulvic acid that's found high in the Himalayan and Tibetan mountains.  As it turns out, it's key ingredient fulvic acid is what makes shilajit so unusually powerful.  Fulvic acid gives shilajit its anti-oxidant power and strength as a systemic rejuvenator and “adaptogen” (an herb or nutrient that helps your body fight stress and fatigue by adapting it's function to your body's needs).  Swanson Extra Strength Shilajit features TruFulvic® purified Shilajit extract with no less than 70% fulvic acid, the natural element that is the foundation of shilajit’s benefits.  In addition, Swanson has also purified their formula with Triphala, which is a combination of three fruits that aid in digestion; Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki.  These also have a variety of health benefits most of which help with digestive and gastro-intestinal issues.

    Extra Strength Shilajit extract has the potential to support:

    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Energy and revitalization
    • Supports minor ED (erectile dysfunction)
    • Brain health and cognitive improvement
    • Hormone and immune system regulation
    • Supports ease of digestion
    • Diabetes management
    • Cancer prevention
    • Skeletal health

    Tony O's take on Swanson's Extra Strength Shilajit Extract:

    We’re only beginning to understand the power and subtlety of adaptogens in the health process, though they’ve been used for centuries in many traditional medicinal practices.  In the case of shilajit being a mineral substance and taking consideration for the location of it's origin, it’s incredibly rich in trace elements we don’t normally get from our local fruits, herbs, plants or our general diet.  It comes from the mountains of the Himalayan and Tibetan regions which have an unusual variety of plant and tree life very different from ours here, therefore providing us with minerals we would normally never have a chance to get.  I've personally  used Swanson's shilajit extract and extra strength shilajit for years and I can tell you first hand it works.  It's adaptogenic properties are fantastic.  The extra strength shilajit (70% fulvic acid version) seems to enhance the time nutrients stay potent in my system.  I like it most when I've had a rigorous week or two and feel depleted.  I combine it with a few other energy boosters and I'm back in action quick!  I enjoy a great recharged feeling and my well being is in perfect balance.  The extra strength and standard versions are both must have's in my healing closet.

  • Frankincense Liquid Extract in New York Frankincense Liquid Extract New York

    Frankincense; the fabled, anti-aging healer that works at the cellular level!

    For millennia, Frankincense has been coveted for its ability to promote healthy cell regeneration, and in particular, for its rejuvenating impact on skin.  Frankincense has a healing effect on cells and tissue.  It’s used as an anti-aging tonic that’s good for skin, wounds, infections and more.  Some of Frankincense’s power lies in its anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, and disinfectant qualities.

    Hawaii Pharma’s super-concentrated Frankincense Liquid Extract is produced alcohol-free at the highest strength, making Frankincense’s other-worldly benefits available to everyone.  It’s a dried resin glycerite, made with no alcohol and only natural ingredients.

    Some of Frankincense Liquid Extract’s reputed benefits:

    • Heals skin and prevents signs of aging
    • Eases digestion, relieves nausea, and detoxes the digestive system
    • Can reduce the symptoms of IBS, colitis & Crohn’s disease
    • Helps decrease inflammation and pain
    • Acts as a sleep aid
    • Helps treat dry skin
    • Used to relieve the pain of arthritis
    • Promotes uterine health
    • Has been shown to fight cells of specific types of cancer
    • Digestive, diuretic and expectorant support

    Tony O's take on Frankincense Liquid Extract:

    I find Frankincense intriguing because of its powerful roots in the ancient world and its role in healing.  Some people even claim that Frankincense can induce a feeling of peace and heightened spirituality, which might explain why it’s so popular in perfumes and fragrances.  I personally use it in my morning fruit smoothie from time to time for internal healing benefits and overall well being.   It's so versatile I also incorporate it into some personal salves I create for various skin afflictions as well as anti-aging treatment salves and lotions.  I hold Hawaii Pharm's Frankincense Liquid Extract and it's fabulous formulation in very high regard and recommend it highly.

  • order-online-full-spectrum-e-with-tocotrienols-60-gel-tabs
    Swanson's Full Spectrum E with Tocotrienols is your "complete" vitamin E supplement! Provides superior antioxidant protection.  Reduces free radicals. Slows down the aging process.  Protects your heart and cardiovascular system. We all need a high quality Vitamin E supplement, and in today's market finding the right one can be quite a daunting experience.  Many of today's supplements have unnecessary additives and not enough of what we're really looking for.  Swanson has provided your solution.  The powerful antioxidant protection of this complete and comprehensive ultra vitamin E formula helps guard your cells against the damaging effects from free radicals and protects your heart too.  Free radicals are a toxic by-product of our bodies' metabolic process of oxygen that are dangerous within the body.  These free radicals can cause damage to living tissue and cells, in turn causing cellular mutations that can ultimately lead to serious disease.  Supplementing with vitamin E helps stop these free radicals from doing their damage, which means slowing down the aging process and providing your heart and cardiovascular system with the protection they need. Then there's Swanson's addition of a Full Spectrum Tocotrienol Complex.  Tocotrienols provide substantially beneficial synergistic qualities when combined with the tocopherol form of Vitamin E.  Emerging research suggests that tocotrienols have a powerfully dampening effect on the mutation and spread of cancer cells.  Paired with their capacity to slow down angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels), this ingredient may hinder the spread of cancer to other parts of the body too. Each highly bio-available softgel supplies 100 IU of vitamin E from d-alpha tocopherol.  Swanson smartly combines the full spectrum of important tocopherols including the highest concentration of d-gamma tocopherol, plus the synergistic support of a full spectrum tocotrienol complex.  Each of these tocotrienols act as high-powered antioxidants that optimize the free radical neutralizing activity of vitamin E.  As a combined formula, Swanson's Ultra Full Spectrum Vitamin E targets superior daily support for optimal cardiovascular health, increased cellular health and overall antioxidant protection that help's slow the aging process. Swanson Full Spectrum E provides:
    • A complete vitamin E supplement (100 IU per serving)
    • Vitamin E from full spectrum tocopherols, plus the synergistic support of tocotrienols
    • High-powered antioxidant protection for cardiovascular health
    • Support for cognitive function
    • Provides support for liver health
    • Supports superior heart health
    • Helps slow down the aging process
    • Support for healthy supple skin
    • Helps ease arthritis pains
    Tony O's take on Swanson's Full Spectrum E: Swanson’s full spectrum vitamin E supplement unleashes the full anti-oxidant power of vitamin E.  It’s synergistic combination of vitamin E with tocopherols and tocotrienols makes it a fantastic supplement to fight off free radicals.  Our bodies end up faced with free radicals daily (through no fault of our own) as part of our metabolic process of oxygen, but supplementing with Swanson's full spectrum E makes me comfortable that I'm doing what I can to supply my body with the ability to fight them off effectively.  I believe that a high quality vitamin E should be in everybody's daily regimen and is absolutely vital for cardiovascular and heart health, liver support, healthy skin and helping to slow the aging process.  I'd suggest if you're looking for a well rounded excellent vitamin E, this is your product.  As a reminder, Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin which means it's best digested with foods, so I recommend eating when you supplement with Vitamin E.
  • Ginger Liquid Extract New York Ginger Liquid Extract New York

    Ginger Liquid Extract


    Ginger is your go-to classic herbal remedy for indigestion, nausea and upset stomachs!

    The unique healing and energizing powers of ginger (Zingiber officinale) have been bottled in Hawaii Pharm’s Dried Root Extract!  As one of the most widely used herbal remedies, Ginger has been used worldwide to treat digestion, nausea, motion sickness, stomach upset and diarrhea for thousands of years.  It’s popular as a spice, as medicine, and as one of the best natural anti-inflammatory remedies.  Ginger is also used to treat headaches, heart disease, muscle pain, the pain of osteoporosis and more.

    Ginger’s power comes from gingerol, the oily resin that is part of the ginger plants “rhizome” or underground stem.  Hawaii Pharm Ginger Extract is a super-concentrated ginger liquid extract.  It’s alcohol free and certified organic, easily added to water, juice, or tea.  Hawaii Pharm’s Ginger Liquid Extract is formulated from pure organic Peruvian ginger.

    Ginger’s benefits include:

    • Nausea relief (general and during pregnancy)
    • Anti-inflammatory effects including relief of muscle pain
    • Reduction of osteoporosis pain
    • Motion and sea sickness
    • Upset stomach, cramping, diarrhea
    • Gas relief
    • Appetite Control
    • May lower cholesterol and help prevent blood clotting

    Hawaii Pharm Ginger Liquid Extract is:

    • Made in an FDA registered facility, Hawaii, USA
    • Contains only natural ingredients
    • A super-concentrated based liquid extract: dry material/solvents ration is 1:3
    • Strictly made with ethically sourced wild harvested material

    Tony O’s take on Ginger Extract:

    For those of you whole love to eat sushi, you're probably familiar with ginger.  It's that pale yellow-white-pink pungent stuff (it's probably also pickled for flavor) they give you so you can "clean your palate" between fish to better differentiate the tastes.  That's ginger...and it has tremendous properties.  Eating ginger during and after your sushi sessions will make digesting that raw protein much easier for your stomach...and the same goes for Hawaii Pharm's extract when you're not eating sushi.  Add ginger extract to water, tea or juice to help you digest and feel great after everyday lunches and meals.  If you tend to feel bloated or crampy after meals ginger extract will help.  If you’ve ever fought off queasiness with a cup of ginger tea, you know the power of ginger.  Interesting as it is, it can help calm sea sickness and nausea too.  If you're simply looking for an alternative to raw ginger, look no further, Hawaii Pharm's Ginger Extract is your smart alternative and it's mine too.  My healing closet is never without Ginger liquid extract.

  • order-online-vibrant-health-green-vibrance-plant-based-daily-superfood-probiotics-and-digestive-enzymes-60-servings order online Green Vibrance Life Powder, 25.04 oz

    Vibrant Health's Green Vibrance Plant-Based Daily Superfood

    Includes 25 Billion Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

    Supports the 4 Foundations of Superior Health:
    • Nutrition
    • Circulation
    • Digestion
    • Immunity

    Green Vibrance has formulated an award winning Green Super food in this powdered Green Vibrance daily powerhouse drink!  Human vitality can be described as the combined vitality (what we call vibrance) of each cell in the body.  The ingredients included in Green Vibrance provide trace nutrients that help each and every cell function at peak efficiency.  When we push each cell toward peak efficiency through diet and optimal supplementation, the results are increased energy and endurance, greater clarity of thought, more robust immunity, a stronger sense of well being, and a noticeably positive shift in all bodily functions toward the fully vibrant ideal you.  Green Vibrance taken daily empowers us to drive toward these goals by addressing some very basic and essential biological requirements.

    A high quality nutritional formula, Vibrant Health is wholly committed to delivering true quality and value and they've proven it with Green Vibrance Powdered Green Drink.  The ingredients in Green Vibrance were selected to support essential bodily functions.  Their formula is attentive to including exactly what's needed to provide your body with the necessary nutrients to help heal and strengthen itself.

    • Supports your digestive system
    • Supports your circulatory system
    • Boosts your immunity levels
    • Increases energy and stamina
    • Helps balance your natural pH levels
    • Helps relieve stress
    • Supports the body's natural detoxification process
    • Provides whole body nutrition

    Upon examining the ingredient list you'll see it's quite a gathering of goodness with 74 ingredients in all.  They were put together with care in order to maximize the synergy among the wide variety of nutrients.  The result; Green Vibrance successfully delivers healthful nutritional support to eleven (11) body systems.    To top it all off, Green Vibrance includes ingredients that are certified organic.  So if you're looking for more energy, need whole body detoxification, need to decrease you stress levels, and have a strong desire to generally feel better as a whole, Green Vibrance is for you.

    Tony O's take on Green Vibrance Green Drink Powder: This is my go-to when it comes to green drinks.  I mix this straight up with water to aid and maximize my personal weight loss efforts.  Because of the positive measured results I get from using it personally, I also recommend Green Vibrance to my family, friends and clients to get the nutritional support they need while working on losing weight.  It helps increase energy which is paramount when you're trying to lose weight because you're eating less and less food means less energy.  So this is a great way to support your weight loss efforts.  It's also a great addition to support a daily regimen of vitamins because it'll help fill the gaps with trace minerals and off the charts nutrients you're probably not getting from your average daily round-up of nutrients and supplements. Green Vibrance also helps a myriad of body and health issues, some of which you may not even realize you have until you start supplementing with Green Vibrance and start feeling better as your symptoms start disappearing.  You'll have more energy, stamina and focus all the while also pumping up your cellular function and increasing your immunity threshold.  It helps relieve stress so your days go a bit easier.  And it's even got probiotics to improve a sluggish digestive system.  This is great stuff!  I use it myself and for my family and I recommend it for all ages, the elderly and even children.  After all, who eats ALL of their vegetables right?
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