Hi! Tony O “The Health Coach” here!

Health Coach?  What’s a Health Coach?

Here’s what it’s all about and what teaming up with a Health Coach can do for you.

Here’s a clear and simple example; an experienced boxer knows how to fight.  He has all the talent and ability he needs.  He’s been in many fights and continues to train relentlessly for that next fight; that great moment when he’s in the ring.  But in the background, behind the scenes, involved in the mix with all that training is that ever valuable relationship with his Coach.

Remember the highly inspirational movie classic “Rocky”?  Where would Rocky have been without his coach?  Well, that Coach is the man behind the scenes that encourages, mentors and pushes that fighter to his limits and helps him become the prize fighter he aspires to be.  The prize fighter he couldn’t be without his Coach.  The Coach that taught him things he never knew and helped to keep him focused.  The Coach that took him from where he was to where he wanted and aspired to be.  That’s what it’s like to work with a Certified Health Coach.

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**A growing number of people are taking control of their lives by teaming up with a Health Coach.

**The majority of people are unhappy with the foods they eat as it relates to how they look and feel.

**Millions of people go to the gym with little to no results leaving no encouragement to keep on going.

**We spend thousands of dollars trying unrealistic diets and workout programs only to end up worst than before.

**Horrible diseases and major ailments are afflicting millions every day; most of which are preventable!

**And in response to our ailments, we spend an obscene amount of money on the “wrong”
nutrients and supplements or worse, turn to prescription drugs unnecessarily.

A Certified Health Coach and Holistic Wellness Specialist can help you take control of your life!  Working together with your Coach will help you learn how to make things really happen in your life and how to avoid the pitfalls that eventually become ailments; or worst, develop into disease.

Are you fed up and unhappy with your daily hum drum routine?  Feeling tired and draggy by early afternoon?  Can’t remember when you last did anything resembling exercise?  Maybe you just need a personal tune up; or maybe you’re looking to be the next Master Olympiad?  Wherever you are in your life, if you’re looking to make serious changes right now, and are really ready to transform your life, then partnering with “Tony O The Health Coach” is your “key” to achieving the transformation you’re looking for!

Let’s get you from where you are to where you truly aspire to be!  Simple!!

It’s a known fact that the nutritional journey most of us have traveled has left us looking for more.  We want to eat nutritional foods, but we also need to like what we eat otherwise what’s the sense?  Who wants to fill a plate of food simply based on it’s nutritional value?  Not likely to taste so great….anyway, we all want healthier foods, a healthier lifestyle, and of course we all want that all elusive “Essence of Youth”!  Let’s face it; we all want the feeling of youth forever.  We all want that vitality and never ending energy.  Well I’m here to tell you that you can have all of this even well into your later years.  The “key” is to create the lifestyle you want, so you can live life on your own terms.

No one specific diet works for everyone and not everyone can diet alone.

So where do you start?  What’s right for you?  Having studied and researched over 100 major dietary theories, I’m highly qualified to review and investigate any diets you may be looking into to see if it works within your Personal Assimilation Index.

Here’s a small list of some popular diets you may be considering:

The Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Blood Type Diet, Zone Diet, Biggest Loser Diet, NutriSystem Diet, Atkins Diet, Macrobiotics, Master Cleanse, High Carbohydrate, Body Ecology Diet, Okinawa Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Dude Food Diet…wow…and the list goes on and on…over 100…and I’ve studied them all.

As your Certified Health Coach and Holistic Wellness Specialist I’ll make sure that together; with mutual dedication and commitment, we get you on the right track and create Balance and Harmony within your routines.  I’ll create a supportive caring alliance with you that will educate, enlighten and enable you to achieve all of your life and health goals.  Rest assured I’ll guide you in finding the food and lifestyle choices that best support you throughout your spiritual, physical, emotional and financial growth.

Most approaches to nutrition you may be familiar with dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins.  And while all our foods contain these properties, how your personal bio-individuality assimilates those foods is paramount to the way you feel and perform throughout your day.  My approach to Coaching is simple and proven to be effective.  I educate and coach my clients to eat foods that energize their lifestyle.  Together we create a health plan that results in a happier, healthier, more flexible relationship with food that’s fun and free of denial and unusual dietary discipline.

Simple.  Fun.  Effective.

How about “Post Operative Dietary Health”?

This is where most health care providers feel a Certified Health Coach is good advice and can be very instrumental in what is often a rough recovery period.  Did you know that the proper diet for your specific condition can shorten your recovery time by as much as 50% in many cases?  We all want speedy recoveries and strong healthy bodies especially after the stress of operations and procedures.  “Tony O The Health Coach” can work side by side with you throughout your recovery and provide helpful dietary and/or physical recommendations custom tailored to your specific needs.  Since many post-op situations are of a sensitive nature, rest assured special care is ensured.

My Coaching Programs use practical yet powerful lifestyle coaching methods that promote lifelong lifestyle changes that will transform your life!  Cutting edge scientific know-how mixed with clear and practical techniques brought together with energetic and knowledgeable coaching that only a certified pro can deliver, will offer you a Coaching experience second to none!  With me as your Coach, you’ll learn all about your body, inside and out, and learn to develop a profound respect for your body; truly your temple.

Optimum health encompasses a lot more than just the foods you put in your body.  Optimum health is a complicated mix of several key life factors that are not often easily identifiable!  As your Health Coach it’s my job to bring those aspects to light and help you understand and work with them as it relates to your overall health and personal nutritional state.  My programs will enlighten you with up-to-date, factual and clinically proven health information.  This information is derived from documented clinical studies and control group studies done by highly esteemed well know doctors and scientists worldwide.  Understanding what makes you tick from the inside out will help you regain (or maybe gain for the first time), true respect for you body, yourself, your life, and interestingly enough, the life of others around you and how they affect your personal health and happiness!  This open, progressive and exploratory Coaching experience will help you develop a healthy relationship with food once and for all, and will transform your life in ways you’ve never imagined!

As your Personal Coach, I’ll introduce you to unique and interesting concepts like;

  • “The Energetics of Foods”
  • “The Battle of The Pyramids” (and what it means to you)
  • Smart and Easy Self Care techniques that will help you look and feel vibrant instantly
  • “Self Healing Techniques” that will keep you on the go and away from your doctor
  • “Breathing for Life” where you’ll learn over a dozen specialized breathing techniques to handle a variety of situations and ailments
  • “Anti Aging Techniques” to live a lifestyle that keeps you looking and feeling young long into those golden years
  • Your “Circle of Life” and how it can be used to recreate your entire future!

These concepts I’ve mentioned above are just a few of the awesome concepts we’ll work with throughout our coaching relationship.  Living life the way you want to and experiencing all the concepts listed above (and more) can only be accomplished by teaming up with a properly trained and enlightened Health Coach with the right coaching techniques.  No joke or hoax.  No fad diets with unreachable goals and unrealistic expectations.  As your Certified Health Coach and Holistic Wellness Specialist I will be by your side step by step, just like that boxing champ’s coach, to help you overcome previous obstacles, help you to make gradual, lifelong changes, that enable you to reach your current and future health goals and release the amazing person within you!

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and nutritional goals and received the personal attention you deserve?   It’s hard for most to carve out and dedicate time to work on their health and nutritional goals, especially with a trained professional.  With several diversified Coaching Programs available, my clients find it easy to fit into a program that works within their busy lifestyles, and as your Personal Health Coach dedicated to your well being, I’ll make sure we can carve out that special time to make things happen.  Are you ready for a truly different experience?  Are you ready to reach and surpass your personal lifelong goals?  Are you dedicated enough to yourself and your own well being to work with a motivated Coach by your side!

Could one conversation change your life?

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