coconutsCoconuts are truly one of nature’s finest Superfood Productions!  Coconuts and Coconut Oil have more diversified uses than almost any other food on the planet!  Besides having antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil for cooking is an excellent source of the right saturated fats.  Coconuts have saturated fats called medium-chain fatty acids.  Unlike long-chain fatty acids found in meat and vegetable oils, medium-chain fatty acids are more easily broken down by the body and used as an energy source.  So you wanna lose some weight?  The simple act of replacing long-chain fatty acids with medium-chain fatty acids can result in weight loss with no changes in overall caloric intake!  So the word is simple; switch (or add) Coconut Oil to your cooking delights! (unless you’re the wise one using it already).

Sound excellent?  There’s more…..

The almighty coconut may be a strong contender against cardiovascular disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases!  There have been studies with evident proof that people indigenous to areas around the Pacific Islands and Asia, where roughly 50% of their diet comes from coconuts, were virtually free from atherosclerosis, heart disease and colon cancer.  They were lean and healthy, had no signs of kidney disease, and high blood pressure was never experienced.  The same people exposed to big city cooking with a decline in their coconut consumption began showing signs of imminent heart disease.  This is also a general fact across most Caribbean Islands where coconuts grow in abundance and are used in daily recipes and topical applications as well.

Coconuts are a great energy source!  Coconut milk with whole grain cereals in the morning (my personal favorite) is a great way to get an extra boost of long sustaining energy that’ll get you through the worst of mornings with an energetic smile.  When I fry egg dishes for breakfast, I’ll often use coconut oil instead of olive oil to add a tropical flavor to my continental dish. (If you decide to try this, as with all fried dishes, use a medium heat temperature so as not to exceed 375 degrees.  High heat frying above 375 will burn the coconut oil; most other cooking oils will burn at lower temps and develop unhealthy carcinogens.)  Coconut shavings mixed with your favorite peanuts, cashews, raisins, grains or seeds will blend well and brighten up the “trail mix” flavors.  Coconut oil with your favorite recipes will add some zing to an otherwise normal dish, and the bonus is a heart healthy, highly energizing treat!  I could go on and on, but instead, I’ll give you a small list of….

10 awesome things you can do with Coconuts and Coconut Oil;

Cooking & Foods:  Use great tasting coconut oil to cook your favorite dishes and introduce a new zesty flavor!  Use coconut milk in cereals instead of cow’s milk (CRAZY FACT #1: Did ya know we humans are the only species that drinks another species’ milk!).  Drink Coconut water!  (CRAZY FACT #2: Coconut water has more electrolytes per serving than any sports drink and will sustain your energy longer than almost any product on the market!  Wow!)  Use coconut shavings or flakes on your favorite ice cream or puddings or whatever!  Use coconut extract in teas and soups….wow; just so many ways to get the benefits of this wonderful fruit!

Moisturizing & Skin Care:  Does your skin feel dry and itchy?  Use coconut oil topically on your body and face to keep your skin supple and moisturized and get rid of those itchies and dry patches.  Use a thin layer around your eyes to smooth out wrinkles and reduce sagging skin.  Consistent use will take years off your appearance.  How about after a shave?  Nothing soothes better than a homemade mix of coconut oil & aloe vera!

Hair & Scalp Care:  It’s amazing how much money people spend on their hair products!!  If they only knew that using coconut oil treatments along with tea tree oil or argan oil sparingly and correctly will bring almost anybody’s hair to life!  Just massage some coconut oil into dry hair an hour before your shower, or even overnight.  You’ll notice more shine and silkier feeling hair with more life and volume than ever.  You can also massage some into your mane anytime to tame any frizzies or flyaway hair.  The bonus?….A beautiful shine that keeps on shining.

Body Care; Coconut Oil Bath:  Adding coconut oil to a hot bath is your key to a wonderful evening.  Add some eucalyptus bath salts and you’ll feel like you’re in heaven.  Say goodbye to that dry, itchy skin and as a bonus you’ll smell like you’ve just arrived from a tropical island!

Coconut Oil Massage:  One of my favorites is a massage with coconut oil.  Its ability to soothe and relax is unparalleled and once again, you’ll feel like you’ve just gotten home from your little tropical escape.

Oral Health:  Try mixing coconut oil with baking soda and a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide to make a strong and healthy bacteria fighting toothpaste.  In Ayurveda, the remedy of oil pulling (swishing) with coconut oil for up to 20 minutes has been proven effective at reducing gingivitis, oral bacteria and also reduces the risk of periodontal disease or infections.

Residue Magic:  Believe it or not coconut oil is excellent for removing chewing gum from any surface, including carpets and yes….hair.  You can also use it to remove residues from labels if you like to reuse your glass jars like I do.  Nothing better than recycling glass jars for homemade sauces and the like, but I hate the glue that never comes off…Hahaha…

Seasoning Cast Iron:  Use coconut oil to season cast iron pots and pans and keep them from rusting.  I’ve owned quite a few and if they’re not seasoned well, they rust and become poisonous to cook with.  A well seasoned cast iron cooking tool will last a life time….those uncared for will become rusty and unusable.

Lubrication:  Get rid of your WD40 and use coconut oil on all that squeaks; hinges, tools, doors, bicycles, etc.  You get the picture.

Insect Repellent:  Apply coconut oil all over your body to help keep insects from biting.  Somehow mosquitoes seem to hate the smell or taste and won’t bother you.

All in all, coconuts are one of God’s wonderful gifts to mankind.  The coconut has been used for thousands of years to soothe and cure and tantalize and will be here through the end of time to continue much of the same.  So let’s take advantage of this miracle fruit and its many uses.  Let’s regard the mighty coconut as one of those superfruits we must learn to embrace in its many forms and applications.  Most of all, let’s use it to stay healthy and disease free, while enjoying one of nature’s most valuable fruits, the wonderful Coconut.